BeeBee comes to visit...

A few weeks ago, my mom came to visit.  Or BeeBee as we call her.  Why BeeBee?  Because it fits.  And her name starts with a B.  And she loves Bees.  And because BeeBee and GB sound good together (Birdie's two grandmothers.. who neither look like they are grandmothers they look so young...).  

We had so much fun.  She of course brought presents.  Like sweatshirts from 30 years ago.  With my name on it.

We HAD to gather pinecones (it's what all the cool kids are doing)

BeeBee brought Birdie a bird feeder.  Which has been so fun to watch who comes to visit our home now.  We have seen some of the most beautiful birds up close.  Birdie LOVES watching (problem is, she runs to fast to the window that she scares the birds.  I'm teaching her how to sneak up...)

Planting... lots of planting...

We had so much fun with you BeeBee.  Please come back soon and bring Pops.  We really missed him, but it was fun just us girls.

And thank you for making Birdie her sweet smocked dress with birds on it.  It's perfect.

Thank you for coming to visit BeeBee!


Debbie Crafts said...

Oh my goodness - she is so adorably CUTE!! And getting so big!