Gold Coat and Bubbles...

When I look back to this winter... I won't think of her first Flu and then endless nights we stayed up worrying about her.  I won't think of her teething, or the sleepless nights.

I won't think of the bumps or bruises.  The tears.

I will think about her laugh.  Her gold coat that she wore.  I loved every moment she wore it.

I will think of her love affair with bubbles.  And how much she adored being outside with us, just playing and being silly.

I will think of how she holds her hands together and whispers prayers at the dinner table and then says "men" for Amen.  I pray for her relationship with the Lord and that it is always strong.

I will think about how her little voice would say "Momma, Daddy, Bubbles, STOP, Mine, UP, No no no, Ball, and most recently, "What's that, mama... I want that, mama". Her first sentences.  Such a smart girl.

I will think back to her sweet face and her precious curls.  And her little hands that wrap around our fingers to walk up and down stairs.

I will think back to her noticing that I'm always taking her picture and has recently learned to say "CHEESE" to see her picture on the back of my camera.  She has nick named my camera "Cheese" and goes to find it often.  Like mommy, like daughter ;)

I love this little girl so much.  I can't believe in just a few short months (5 to be exact) she will be 2 years old.  Praying our time before then is sweet, with lots of fun memories together.  We are so thankful for our sweet little Birdie.


Stacy and Jason said...

She's pretty darn cute!!!

MaryMC said...

Precious memories Sarah!