17 months going on 17 years...

I had an early wake up call this morning... as I had to be on the news for work.  As I worked at putting Annie Beth down early last night so I could get to bed early, we had some sweet moments I don't want to forget...

As I rocked her for just a few minutes, I whispered to her as I do every night...

"Mommy and daddy love you... do you know that?"

She nodded

"Mommy and daddy are going to be here when you wake up, after you sleep allllll night long (praying she would follow my hint)

She nodded

"Jesus loves you, Annie Beth"

She nodded and curled in a bit more

"Mommy is going to lay you down now"

She nodded and allowed me to lay her in her bed.  She didn't fuss.  She didn't cry.  She cuddled up with her bear and fell fast asleep.  Wow.  She surprises me so much sometimes.

As my sweet girl turns 17 months tomorrow, I will look at her still as a baby, as I know I'll look at her when she's 17 years old.  She's growing so fast.  She talks constantly.  "Let me see"  "I do it" "Thank you"  "Here you go" are her favorite sayings.  She knows her belly, eye, hair, toes and nose.  She will go get whatever you tell her to get from another room upon asking.  Yet, she's strong willed, determined, and stubborn.  Aren't we all?

We are having so much fun with her and enjoy dancing in the kitchen each night to blues or jazz music (her favorite).  I'm really looking forward to Spring and being outside more with her.  I'm so blessed to be her mommy... and know we have so many fun times ahead!