I know it's been a while... there's been a lot going on around here!

1.  My sweet Annie Beth Birdie Baker Bear turned 1.  I'm still not emotionally able to blog about it.  So I'm ignoring it for just a little more time.  If I ignore it, maybe she won't grow up so fast.

2.  I got a new job!  I'm now with the American Heart Association.  More about that another time too.  I'm so excited about it, and really enjoy it.  (PS-I'm working from home.  Can you hear how much I love that in my voice?)

3.  We're building a 900 sq/ft deck on the back of our house.  I can't wait to reveal it, but I've become like a project manager at home and it's taken up a good amount of time.  (Clarification - WE are not building it, we have "people" thank goodness)

BUT, I had some really sweet moments with Annie Beth yesterday and I wanted to share with you.  She's growing up so fast and I really can't believe it.

We went outside after church with her favorite book... in her new dress that my mom made her.... and we played her favorite game.  Peek-a-boo.

She has the best sense of humor, even at the age of 1.  Her smile could cure any bad day.

This is my favorite one that really shows her personality.

She's so silly.

So... I plan on blogging more often now that we're a bit more settled down with activities and life changes.  Wait, who am I kidding?  I don't think it's going to slow down around here for a LONG time.  This little one is keeping us on our 10 toes!