Not be silent...

Lately, I've felt like there has been little to no communication on my part to my Lord.  Not on purpose, but I'm so busy with my daily schedule, focus on our baby, our house, our appointments, that I have at times, completely forgotten to be thankful for all that we've been given.  I feel I've gone an entire day without a simple thank you.
I did an extremely mini session for a friend on Saturday (I think we took pics for 10 minutes) and as I was editing, I saw their little girl with complete abandon, spinning under the sun. 
It made me think of how I feel when worshiping.  Not singing along to the radio, but truly worshipping. To feel like I'm spinning in a field, under the bright warm sun.  With complete abandon, with nothing on my mind.  And you can't help but have a smile on your face with spinning under the sun.  With both arms out, face turned upward.  Can't you feel that moment?  Feels good.
Oh Lord, I long for more moments like that.  Thank you for all that you have provided and continue to do in my life.  I will give thanks to You forever.


Baby Food and Baker Sales...

I have two announcements.

1.  I've been making baby food.  I never thought I would feel so fulfilled by steaming and mashing up food for AB.  I've always wanted to make baby food, but never realized how easy it would be.  And it's yummy (I've tasted all of it!)  I've posted a fun recipe below.

AB before a meal.  Her response to eating outside.  Her FAVorite.  Can you tell?

2.  I've opened up an Instagram shop. Did you know there was such a thing?  It's like a really organic grassroots etsy.  People are selling vintage, homemade items to their followers on instagram.  It's really fun and I hope you will head over to @BakerSales and follow me to see the latest items I post on there.  I've found some really fun vintage book prints along with other vintage home decor to sell.  It basically fuels my additction for estate sales.  Please support my addiction.  ;) 

Find me on Instagram:  @BakerSales

But seriously, if you have any specific items you've been looking for, please let me know so I can be on the lookout!  I have my own list of things I'm looking for, so please add to it!  I love shopping for other people.

Ok, Back to baby food. 

I have been really good (at least I thought so) for the last 4 months since giving AB whole grain cereal, to keep her foods separate.  I wanted her to learn to like foods as they were intended.  Carrots.  Peas.  Squash.  And she's done pretty good, with the exception of peas.  Man, I agree.  I don't like them either.  (she won't know that.  We don't want her growing up to be a picky eater like her mommy.  - says Stephen)

Sunday afternoons become food prep day.  Carrots, Squash and Broccoli here.  Frozen in individual servings.

BUT, we've taken a slight turn from our "no mixing food" rule.  She had one of those fancy pouches while we were traveling.  She LOVED it.  It had pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry and apple.  Can I get an Amen?  The girl would not stop eating it.  Her arms flapped like a little bird ready for more.  (see below her response to bananas.  Girls got bananas DOWN)

So, I decided to mix together a few items I had a home, and she LOVES them.  I'm sure there will be parents out there that frown at mixing foods, but at this point, this teething girl doesn't want to eat much of anything at night, so in order to get her to eat, I'm mixing. 

Here's what we had last night:

Kiwi (yum), Avocado (green goodness), Banana (her fav) and apple (because she's so sweet).  And she loved it.

No blender needed.  Just me and a fork and a bowl.  So easy and it made a ton.  I saved the unused amount in a cute little glass jar (no picture) in the fridge.  We'll see today if it turned brown or not.  I'll report back.

So, what do you feed your 8 month old?  I'd love feedback.  She now has almost 3 of her front teeth (1 top, 2 bottom) so I feel like she could handle puffs, etc. but she won't have anything to do with them.  How do you get your children to eat with their hands?  Stephen told me not to worry about it and that she will learn. 

But if you saw the disgust she has on her face when food touches her hands, you would be doubtful too.

Recipes?  Tips?  Send them my way.

Until then, I've bought pumpkin puree.  And I'm totally going to copy the expensive little pouch we bought.  Can't wait to see if she likes my version as much as the store bought one!  Mine will be made with love.  Hope she can taste it.  ;)


2 years...

Today marks 2 years since I said "I do" to Mr. Stephen Baker.  I love being his wife.  I love being a mother.  I love how many memories we've made in the lifetime we've already had together (I feel as though I've always known him). 

I love looking back.  Here was 3 years ago. 

I gave Stephen an "opening day" basket.  He's taught me so much about the game of baseball and I really love it.  We can't wait to take little AB to her first baseball game.  It probably won't be to see the Cubs, but she'll love being outside and cheering along whoever we go see.

And then a year later, we were married.  That was such a fabulous day and I would LOVE to do it all over again.  (and be able to fit into my dress again.  Someday.  Someday).

And then we left for Carmel Valley, CA.  Our dream.  Where we want to retire.  And move everyone we know to.  Where I discovered my love for lavender.  And curvy roads that lead to Big Sur.  I miss this place every day.

And then a year later, I was pregnant.  The wine we had purchased on our honeymoon would have to wait.  We celebrated our one year anniversary with sparkling apple cider.  I had no idea how much our lives would change in just a few short months.  When our Annie Beth would arrive.

And here we are today.  2 years later.  With our little baby girl, who has captured every fiber in my being.  She is wrapped 20 times around both Stephen and my fingers.  She is the biggest joy and perfect product of the love Stephen and I have for each other.  We could not be more blessed by this little one.

AB at 3 weeks old
AB at 5 months

AB at 7 months

AB at 7 months
We have so much to look forward to.  So many fun memories together.  I love this picture as I feel like we're looking out to our future.  It's bright and I can't wait for all the wonderful days to come together!

I love you Stephen Baker.  You are such an amazing husband, father and best boyfriend a girl could ask for ;)  Excited to go on a date tonight!  It will be nice to eat a meal at the same time!  ;)