Learning how to sleep again...

I feel like so much of our lives right now, this current season, is centered around rest.  Getting rest, putting AB to sleep, trying to find time to rest and relax as a couple... but we all too often fail.

AB has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks old.  While I know it was the Lord who was gifting us with rest... I think we took it for granted.

This last month, we've taken a turn for the dark side.  She's been through a few illnesses that got her off her "sleeping through the night" routine.  And man, it's been a beating for all of us.  She all of a sudden has ALL the energy in the world when it's time to get a bath and get ready for bed or a nap.

(rolling right into the coffee table.  Don't worry, we put up a blockade now...)

So, now begins the process all over again.  Learning how to sleep through the night. At almost 7 months old.  Without a miracle blanket.  With a new found talent of rolling and soon to be crawling.  With a new discovery of pushing up and being able to see over her bumper her parents peeking in on her.  All these things have contributed to a lack of rest.

There have been many nights where I needed to be awake all night long because she was so sick.  ALL NIGHT.  And go to work the next day.  And I did it.  The Lord gave me energy to make it through.  (And Diet Dr. Pepper.)  And I'm so thankful for that energy.  But now I need rest.  The kind that doesn't get woken up every hour.

Tonight, I'm praying for uninterrupted sleep.  A night where we all three receive the rest we need.  Amen and Amen.


Match Set. Game on.

My sister in law, the soon to be Dr. Baker, had a big day last week.

She found out she matched for her number 1 residency program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.  We're so proud of you Aunt Kit Kat!

It was my first Match Day, and man, it made me so nervous! I don't know how all these students handled their emotions!

Chancellor Dr. Barish welcoming all to Match Day

The student walks up, is given an envelope, and in front of well over 500 people, they announce to the world where their road is taking them.  I heard everything from California, New York, Birmingham, New Orleans, Arizona, Texas.  So many impressive programs members of her class were accepted to.  So proud of our LSU Health Shreveport Medical Students.

But seriously.  This whole thing was nerve racking.  For all of us.  Until we heard the excitement in her voice.

Mary Katherine Baker.  Internal Medicine...... UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM!  (Much like Miss America, but more exciting)

I would have that response to.  After all, it's a complete secret until they open their envelope.

Can you imagine.  No I can not.

Match day was held in our atrium with all the first, second and third years watching from above.  It won't be long for them!

This darling couple matched in Shreveport (I'm so excited they are staying here) as they are getting married this summer and yours truly will be capturing all their wedding moments.  Blessed am I to know them and to photograph their wedding.

Best friends all through medical school.  Mary Kate (as they all call her when they are together) and Ashley.  Seriously.

This hilarious student came dressed for an awards show.  And announced, "And the winner is...." for his match.  Hilarious.

This couple is in our Sunday school class.  They are married and matched in Birmingham with Kat as well.  So awesome.  I can't wait to visit all of them!  (They had it in their mind they wouldn't get their number one pick, but they did!  Can't you tell it on their faces?)

Kat was chosen to do a little behind the scenes of a student on match day.  Great job Kit Kat!

First Baptist Church Shreveport Young Adults represent!

And last, but certainly not least, the Bakers.  I didn't get the memo about coral, or I would have placed myself in the photo.  ;)  JK, I was taking the pic.

Can't wait to visit you in Alabama Dr. Baker!  We love you!


Hi. My name is Annie Beth.

Hi.  My name is Annie Beth.

I'm 6 months old now, and I can sit up.

All. By. Myself.

I like to talk to my mommy when she takes my pictures.  Sometimes she calls me Birdie because my talking sounds like a bird.

But I get easily distracted by toys I see on the floor.  Especially chew toys.  Which basically means any toy.  I chew on them all. 

Have I told you that I love to sit and play on their bed when it's not made?  Mommy said to tell people that it does get made.  Just not this day.  Which I was glad.  It's more fun to play on when not made.

I'm also really good at staring contests.  I won this one against my dad.  He smiles too quickly.  He thinks I'm funny.  I don't know why!

My name is Annie Beth.  And I am 6 months old. 


Yes, I'm a baseball fan...

This may come as a surprise to most of you.  But yes, I'm a baseball fan.
Our rehearsal dinner in 2011 at the Tulsa Drillers ballpark.  SO much fun!
In fact, I've come to really love the game, the history and most of all, time spent with my hubby watching the game.  I think there are times he's really surprised at what little facts I have retained or picked up on my own.  We started off like the movie Fever Pitch, but our story is now one that resides in a city without a team, so rather than attending games, we watch them on our couch. While eating sliders and sweet potato fries.

As of today, there are 19 days until Opening Day.  So, at our house, the real World Series is on (USA team has made it to the playoffs!) and we watch the MLB network constantly.  Luckily, it's pretty entertaining and I even enjoyed a short series they did on finding the next great Knuckler (Knuckleball is a dying way of pitching that is SUPER cool and really hard to hit)

Saturday, as we were catching up on the world of baseball, a press conference started, with a very well known Yankee.  I didn't know who he was (hey, I'm relatively new to the sport!), but as Stephen explained, he is one of the best right handed pitchers out there, and has been with the Yankees since they signed him in 1990.  He is the MLB's all-time leader in saves. 

He has only ever known the Yankee pin stripe and says he was thankful each day he put on that prestigious uniform.

His name is Mariano Rivera.  They call him Mo.  Known as one of the best closers in the game of baseball, he will be back on the mound closing his career with a bang, retiring at the end of this season.

During the press conference, the room was filled with reporters, cameras, executives and all current Yankees, but most importantly, he was surrounded by his wife, and two boys.  Sitting tall next to their father, who was announcing the end of one of the greatest careers in a sport that often yields questions of steroid use, or players acting out against other players... he was one that stood tall and led the game from the center mound with class and a quiet humbleness.

You see, the thing that struck me most, was his message.  When many in this day and age thank God for their talents but lack a life that backs up their faith, this man is genuine, and lives out his message every day.  To his teammates, and to his fans.  It was evident as he spoke, the respect he has gained over the years.  He is a great example of the work Christ can do in you and how to effectively use a platform for the advancing of His Kingdom.


As the 2013 season begins, the Yankees will travel to over 81 away games.  At each location, Mo has asked that the organization find someone in that town that exemplifies the game of baseball.  And they don't have to be Yankee fans.  Whether it be a man who has attended every game since he was 7, or a family who drives 3 hours every summer to attend a game together, or a grandfather who brings his grandson to each game, they will bring those people at each city to Mo so he can thank them in person for supporting one of the greatest games of all time.

You know what's great?  Mo has used this moment in his life to be an even greater influence on the lives of others.  What better way to meet people from all over the country, than to have them brought directly to him.  I imagine he will thank them, and even use it as an opportunity to witness.  How awesome.

I know this is not the typical post for me.  Different from baby pictures, engagement posts and the latest recipe, but I was so touched by this man and what he aims to do over this upcoming season, that I wanted to track him and tell his story.  I don't know if I'll find out who he meets with, but that's the goal.  I want to know who these people are, and see how he uses this moment in his life to influence others with the love of Christ.

How do you use your current job as a platform for the Kingdom?  I know I don't as much as I should.   I should be praying over each family I take photos of.  Praying over each couple that is about to get married.  That is how I should use this talent that the Lord has given me.

For that is what Mo has done. 

Well done Mo. Well done.


Joy in the morning...

This little one woke me up at 6:15.  I don't mind.  It was just more time with her.  I could never have enough time starring into those beautiful blue eyes.

She definitely defines "joy in the morning" as we sit and sing songs and laugh.  She's growing so much right now, but I'm loving this stage she's in.

Now, if we can just get her to stop sucking her lip.  But it sure is cute.


Morning worship...

Every morning... I take little AB to her school.  Her school that is just 3 children with the most wonderful care taker.  We drive our 10 minute drive, as she gazes out the window and we sing along to whatever song is on K-Love.  It really is the positive encouraging station.  In every sense of the definition.

Every morning, we pull up to Miss Etta's and walk in to the most joyous greeting.  All the while, K-Love is playing on her stereo too.  Our morning joy has followed us.  And continues to encourage Annie Beth all day long.  Well, until she turns it to some very fun children's music.  Which I also love.

This morning at Miss Etta's

I've noticed that my days have begun so much happier since I've started taking AB to school, as I have a little more time in the car to silently worship along with my daughter.  Before, I had a 2 minute commute and hardly turned on the radio.  Too busy to think about what was ahead of me.  Now, I have a little time to reflect and worship. 

And my days have changed.

I have never been very good at a quiet time, but right now, this feels like my quiet time.  Annie Beth enjoys the music and I enjoy the message they bring.  This morning, two songs really spoke to what I was needing to hear. 

I will never be forsaken.  And that the Lord is the song and the hope I sing. 

Thank you K-Love and thank you Lord for being the Light to my morning and the Peace amidst a wild world around us.

Here are the two songs I heard this morning.  Maybe they will speak to you too...

Meredith Andrews:  After all...

And PS- this amazing guy was on Idol last year.  I had no idea he was the artist.  I'm officially obsessed.  Colton Dixon everyone.

"If I had no voice, if I had no tongue I would dance for you like the rising sun. And when that day comes and I see your face I will shout your endless glorious praise. 
You are the song I'm singing, you are the air I'm breathing, You are the hope I'm needing.  You are."