Daily guidance...

The last couple months have proven to be both exciting and joyful, with an occasional dash of uncertainty.  While each day begins with a fresh start, I am constantly leaning on the everlasting arms, to provide, to comfort, bring peace, and give me guidance for the road ahead.

This year, I've started a scripture memory project, hosted by Beth Moore.  It's called Siesta (Beth Moore's word for Sisters... long story) 2013 Scripture Memory Team, and the goal is to memorize and be able to recite 2 verses a month, with a huge celebration next January in Houston with Beth Moore herself.  She even provided darling little books for each woman to write her scripture in, to assist in the memorization.  My book stands in front of me all day at work, and even though the program has only just begun, both verses I've chosen for this month have proven to be just what I needed to hear, at those very moments.

If you are interested in partaking in the SSMT 2013, click here for instructions on participating.  It's never too late.  I don't know about you, but I'm terrible at quoting scripture.  I've often wished I had a bank of scripture locked away in my heart for times when I've needed to comfort, confront or communicate with others.  I pray this is the start of many years and many verses I'll hide in my heart. 

I pray today is a day in which you feel the love of Christ surrounding you.  I pray that today is a day which you are able to spend time asking the Lord which way you should go.  I'm praying these things for me, and I am excited to see the road ahead.

Happy 2013 everyone ;)


Winner Announced! {Lucy Darling Giveaway}

Thank you to all that entered the giveaway on the blog this week!  I was so honored that Lucy Darling would offer such a fabulous gift to one of my readers.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing her work, and maybe you can grab your own set of stickers for yourself or for a gift someday!

Congrats Lindsey Meek!  I will email you shortly with the contact information for Lucy Darling. Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  If you're in Shreveport, there is a fabulous Estate Sale at the corner of Gilbert and Huron.  So many wonderful vintage items.  Just sharin the love...


A Darling Giveaway! {Baby Monthly Stickers by Lucy Darling}

I have some exciting news!  The precious Lucy Darling has offered a giveaway to my followers!

Who is Lucy Darling?  Well, the most darling monthly stickers for babies I have found.

And believe me, I did my research.  These are the cutest!

There are over 200 different designs in her shop.  How will you ever choose?

Here are some of my favorites.

Love the feathers!
via Lucy Darling
Such cute boy designs too!  I'm crazy for plaid...
via Lucy Darling
And you can even carry the stickers on after their first birthday!

via Lucy Darling
And I hadn't thought about doing holiday stickers... but oh so cute.

via Lucy Darling
Now, if you have a baby coming, OR, if you have a baby shower to attend, these would be the best gifts.  You could give a set of stickers, with a few different sized onesies (I found mine at Target) and the mommy would be set for all those darling pictures each month!  The gift that keeps on giving!

I don't know how I ever decided on AB's sticker design.  I love everything this girl does!

Oh my, she's grown...

via Lucy Darling
 And don't get me started on how cute her packaging is.  It's darling.
via Lucy Darling
Decisions Decisions!  But not for me!  For the lucky winner! 

via Lucy Darling
So, how do you enter?  Here are some ways.  Winner receives their pick of one set of monthly stickers from her shop.  Here is the link again, so you can decide which one you will want!

Ways to enter: Winner announced - Lindsey M.

1.  Leave a comment with which one is YOUR favorite!

Bonus ways (leave a separate comment for each action, increasing your chance!)

2.  Become a follower of my blog
3.  Follow me on Pinterest
4.  Follow me on instagram (@sarahtoshreveport)
5.  Follow my photography blog (link on the right, click my logo)

5 ways (and chances) to enter!  Get going!

Good luck and I will announce the winner on Friday! 

And thank you to Lucy Darling for such a wonderful giveaway!  Everyone, check her shop out.  It's darling.  ;)


Sweet distractions...

A very sweet little boy is on the photography blog today.  We learned he needed a much needed distraction.  Can't you tell it worked?

Check out his entire session here!

Gather 'round...

Well, I'm behind.  Due to power outages, travel and illness in December, I missed posting a few blogs.  I still need to put Christmas pics, but today, I thought I'd share just a few from our Church's "Round the table Carol Sing".  It was such a fun night.  Singing carols, reading the Christmas story, and a very interactive 12 Days of Christmas   Such a fun night... We are so thankful for our church.

So, just when you thought Christmas was over... here's one of many festive posts I will be doing over the next week.  Just trying to catch up!  ;)

So excited when his mom was singing...

Sweet little Larkin.  Future friend of Annie Beth.  They both have the same blue eyes.  Love it.

Precious... they were 5 golden rings

Is she not the cutest?


New year... new blog...

I decided after 2 years... it was time to change things up around here.

You like?  I hope so.  FYI... I added a pinterest, instagram and email button in the upper right hand corner.  You know how much I've tried to do pinterest... well, I'm finally getting there.  You'll also find a link to my photography website on the right.  I have so many sessions to add and so little time!  I'll get around to that soon.

In other news, Annie Beth got a wardrobe change this weekend.  We're finally fitting into my old dresses!

 Look!  It's me circa 1982!


And even more fun... her aunt Lauren wore it too!  I think Lauren and AB look way more alike than me and AB.  Don't you?

 Thank you Bee Bee for keeping my dresses so perfect all these years.  It looks brand new!

And then we took pictures for her baby dedication at church in one of my first smocked dresses.  It's a little big, but still so pretty.

We started rolling like a log this weekend.  We can't stop her.  She thinks it's so fun and I agree.  Fun until you roll under a table! 

Happy Monday everyone! 


Not quite gourmet...

We've finally introduced AB to cereal.  Whole grain cereal, that is.  Doesn't that sound appetizing?

I can't say she loved it.  But honestly, who would?

Her look of desperation screams "Help me mommy..."

Can't you just hear her NOT swallowing?

Point is, we're entering a whole new realm of eating.  One that takes longer, is WAY messier, and bonus, makes her sleep even longer at night.

AB=0 Mommy=1

I can't wait for peas, and carrots and I'm really excited to introduce her to any fruit.  She's going to LOVE it!  She just doesn't know it.  At least we have the super cute spoons that look dipped to feed her with.  I know I was WAY more excited about that than I should have been.  I'm not ashamed.

I wish my spoons matched my outfits. 


4 months strong...

The Baker household has been sickly for the last week and a half.  It was hard seeing AB suffer through her first cold, but just today, as Stephen and I have come down with the same cold she had, we saw her take a turn for the better.

She has the most beautiful smile.  And laugh.

I was so sad to not see that smile while she was sick. I'm glad to have our little birdie back.

AB is now 4 months old.  And such a delight.

It's so fun to learn her silly personality, even at such a young age. 

She's curious.  She doesn't want to sleep too long, as she is afraid of missing out on something.  She likes to be in your arms, standing.  At the same eye level of others.

She's such a big girl, and I can't wait for her to talk and tell us all she has to say.

Mmmmm, mommy?  I think I want more bottle.

No, I think I want to play with my poodle.

No, I'd like to sing and play.  I love singing!

Thank you Lord for this sweet girl.  We are so blessed by her... every day.