The flying of time...

I don't know how it's happened, but I just realized that Christmas is one week away... and that fact alone blows my mind.

It's been a while since I have blogged and I've made it a point to work on that.  Hence posting today.  I started a new job in August and since then, I've been going about a million miles a minute.  And many photography jobs.  Which is awesome.  (Thank you to all my sweet clients this year.  #love )

The biggest update is that our little girl is 16 months going on 20 years old.  She literally walks around the house following our conversations and adding her comedic laughter at very appropriate times.  She's already got great timing.  We laugh so much every day and are having so much fun with her.

This is her "fierce" face.  She's serious about photos.

People ask us all the time when we're going to have another baby and I just laugh because it's so not up to us… but if it were, I would still wait as we're having so much fun with her that I'm not ready for another one.  Just sayin.  Lets at least get out of diapers first.

We weren't organized enough to send out Christmas cards… again this year.  It's continuing on our tradition of sending Valentines cards.  I've found as a photographer, I take too many pictures of other families this time of the year, that we just got put on the back burner.  Plus, I had nothing to wear.

So, here's to 2013.  It's been one of the greatest years of my life.  Wonderful hubby, sweetest little Annie Beth Baker Bear… and a new opportunity working for a mission that is very dear to my heart.

What will 2014 have in store?  Only the Lord knows.  Here's to more nights sharing meals with friends around the dinner table, and more dancing in the kitchen with Annie Beth and Stephen.  More exercising, more photography (already booked my first wedding for 2014!) and more growing closer to the Lord.  For isn't that our ultimate goal always?  I know I could use more time spent on the things that matter the most… and that ranks first.

What are you wishing to do more of in 2014?  Let me know!