Sasha Malchi Home… My Best Friend's Masterpiece

When I was about 6 months old… I met a little girl that instantly became my best friend.  She and I have had more adventures, laughs, high kicks and dance routines than many have in their lifetime.  I have always known her amazing eye for design, groupings, and her attention to detail.  Well, now she's able to show the world with her very own store.  I've told her the next step is a book deal.  And I'd like to be the photographer. Hint Hint.

Her name is Sasha Malchi and she owns Sasha Malchi Home on Brookside in Tulsa.  Her store is nothing short of a masterpiece. Here is a little taste of her beautiful work.

And bonus… she has an amazing children's section.  Which Annie Beth LOVED.

And of course she had to wash her hands in the play kitchen.  Her favorite.

I'm so proud of my best friend.  Her store is amazing.  I know so many more great things will come.  But for now, I'm dreaming of some fun new items for my own home.  Best Friends discount?  Just kidding ;)

Love you Sash.


jana bek said...

I just discovered Sasha Malchi home this morning & am obsessed! The photos you took of her store are gorgeous too! I'm going to show her my lamps - my website is janabek.com if you want to check me out!

XX jana