Birchbox for Men... A top 10 product review

We love subscription boxes in our house.  I get the Birchbox for women, Annie Beth gets a Citrus Lane and Stephen receives the Birchbox for men.  It's just a little something that's fun and most of the time, totally worth the subscription cost.

I thought I would do a top 10 from Stephen's boxes... as his are super cool.  If you have a special man in your life, this might be a fun thing for you to get him.  You can even do a 3 month subscription just to try it out.

So, here goes.  Top 10 items he's received that he LOVES  (These are in no particular order...) (and this is a review by me, the wife, so the outsider's point of view, but still, a good one)

Also, for those of you who don't know, each month he receives a box from Birchbox with 5-6 items.  Several of his are full size items.  These are just some of our favorites.

1.  Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodywash (Best smell on the planet)

Find it here

This bodywash is amazing.  It's addicting and apparently has a cult like following which I now understand once he started using it.  I can't describe the scent in words, but I do LOVE it. 

It smells amazing.  And we've since ordered a full size bottle of it.  And given it as a gift.  So there.  It wins a place in the top 10.

2. Oribe Creme for Style - I call this the Maroon Five Hair Gel
Find it here
This is also something we have since ordered a full size of, and Stephen really enjoys using it.  It gives great style to hair that is a little bit longer on top.  Like Adam Levine.  Therefore, it's called the Maroon 5 Gel.  (The smell is also great)

3.  TORO Shave Oil - (Ole')
Find it here
I married a man that has a 2:00 shadow.  Or a noon shadow for that matter.  So shaving is a daily task.  Therefore, he's an expert.  He has tried SEVERAL shave creams, oils, gels... and this is one of his favorite.  Apparently, it allows for a super close shave.  And who doesn't love that?  (Ladies?)

4.  Triple C Designs portable speaker  (For all the music lovers...)

Find it here
This speaker is awesome.  It's great for the bathroom, or hotel room, or on a picnic.  It has a built in battery and can be charged with a usb drive on your computer. And it's pretty stylish, being wood and all.  It's just a cute little speaker with good sound for what it is!

5.  Barking Irons Brando Tee - (Super soft scrumptious tee)

Find it here
Seriously, Stephen loves these so much.  I've ordered more for him after getting one in his box.  They have a slim cut, with angled sleeves, which I personally think is cute.  (I'm sure Stephen thinks they are "cute" too but he would use a different word, like "Cool".  Whatever.)

6.  Areaware Bottle Opener - (Every party needs one.)
Find it here
This bottle opener is super cool.  (again, my words, not his) but I do know he loves it and we've since given this as a gift to several people.  It sticks to your fridge, and the nail pops off the cap and the magnet inside holds it on to the wood part.  (hows that for descriptive?)  Just know it works and it looks cool doing its thing. 

7.  Balla Powder - (So fresh and so clean clean)
Find it here
This powder is described to work in the nether regions, but it's also meant for any place you can't put deodorant.  Like your shoes, your shorts, your hands, your chest... and super bonus... it's smells great!  Stephen has since ordered a full size of this product too.  It's something he uses almost every day.

8.  Birchbox exclusive Folding Sunglasses (that's right, they fit in your pocket)
Find it here
These glasses are so cool.. and stylish... especially in the case they came in.  While Stephen can't wear them due to him needing prescriptions... he gave them as a gift to his brother.  We think the concept is so perfect... especially since boys can't have purses (although, some disagree...) these fold up into a slim case that could fit in your pocket. 

(PS- On a totally unrelated note, I really think the need for women to carry big purses is due to carrying 3 people's items.  Her own, her children and her husband's wallet and keys.  And ipad.  And lip balm.  And second set of glasses.  Anyone agree with this theory?)

9.  Old Calgary Oxford Wallet (for someone who is super specific on what kind of wallet he uses, this one has won out over everything he's tried)

Find it here
I asked Stephen why he liked this wallet so much.  He told me "it's slim, not bulky even with cards in it, the cards and cash stay, it can expand for cash... and it stays in his pocket"  It's made of felt.. so it's soft, and durable even though you wouldn't think it was that durable.  He's used it daily since November and it still looks good.

10.  Lucky Tiger Balm  (Grrrrr.....)

Find it here
This Lucky Tiger lip balm is great.  I even love it (I think it's in my purse right now).  It's just the right amount of peppermint... and makes your lips so soft.  Chapped lips are so out.  This is one good lip balm.  I (and Stephen) both recommend it.

So there you go.  The top 10 items he's gotten in the last year, but I can say I could have gone on and on.  These are just some of the ones that he's loved and most are items we've since ordered more of. 

I (and he) definitely recommend the Birchbox for Men.  It's $20 a month, but they are good about making each box worth well over that $20.  If you're into fun little extras like shave cream, hair gel, and even the latest little gadget or super soft tee-shirt... this is the box for you.  He's gotten a great assortment of high quality products.

If you want to sign up, click here to be placed on their waiting list (if there is one) or just sign up today.  It's a great gift for any man.  They give you a questionnaire so the boxes are fit to be just for you!  Even clothing has come in his size (boxers, t-shirts, ties, etc.)