Lately... a month delayed

It's been one of those months.  How is it already June?  I don't think I even changed the calendar at my office.  It still says April.  #fail.
I have so many things to blog about.  Graduations, family get togethers, friends, farmers markets, walking (oh yes), teething, DIY projects, etc.  But for now, I found these pics while editing a wedding and just had to share them real fast.
Lately:  Eating
We're not the biggest fan of our highchair.  (clarification:  We love our highchair, which is from Ikea and was a bargain at $25.  But Birdie doesn't love being held in one place for longer than 10 seconds)  In fact, on Sunday, she went superman style off of it without me looking.  That was not pretty.  There is a reason for safety belts!

Mothers Day came and went and we had so much fun with Stephen's family.  These were a few pics we took right after church.  I just love her spirit and her sweet smile.  Her laugh is contagious.  I wish you could all hear it.


Her favorite thing is to go outside.  So we open the windows for her to look out.  It's her favorite spot in our house.  Plus, who doesn't love to balance on toile curtains?

We love this little one so much.  She's growing up so fast.  I can't wait to update you on her attempting to walk and now 8 teeth.  Yes.  8.