Bright eyes...

I got an email late last night from a dear friend.  She had captured little Birdie at a birthday party this weekend for our sweet friend Gray at Gymboree. I love these pictures so much.  Thank you Candace for taking these.  I will treasure them always!

Sweet, big, bright eyes, fixated on her friends who are all walking and playing.  She just wants to figure out how to play like them so bad!  Soon, little Birdie, soon.  Her eyebrows say "Me?  Can I come?  Please?  OHHHH that looks like so much FUN!!!!!"

Her squeals were so loud.  She had never seen so many fun things to play with in one area.  I will definitely have to take her back there again.  ;)

We love you little Birdie.  And your claps.  They are so precious to us.