AB in Action...

Hey.  Just checking in.  I'm 9 months now.
I have 8 teeth.  I say Momma and Dadda and Ball and Duck.  I love the word Duck.  Its a bird you know. 
I can also stand really well.  I try to walk and even took 4 steps the other day.  I'm a bit "determined" as my mom calls me.  Whatever.  It just seems to be a really popular way to travel.  I can't wait to master it.
 I walk really well with my elephant walker.  It's like. The Best.  Man, I fly.

I stand at this window every morning and every afternoon.  I like to try to peek at the birds.  I love windows and birds.

You know?  Aren't they the greatest?

Can you hear me?  I'll come closer.

Whew.  That was close.  But I'm SAFE.  My daddy says that a lot while watching baseball.  SAFE.  I love baseball.

You see, most mornings, I wake up and I say "SOMEONE!  ANYONE!  Come get me! I've been in here all night.  I'm ready to watch highlights of what I missed last night with the Cubs game!"

And so they come get me, I get clean clothes and my daddy and I sit together and watch highlights.

My dad is cool like that. 

HA!  You just thought I was coming over.  SIKE!  I'm sitting right here.  I'm so funny. 

Ok, I'm going to read now.  Have you read this book?  I love it because it's old (my mommy says vintage) and it's about birds.  Fav.

What is my toy doing up here?  This is for books?

Here is my selection today. 

Golden books are the best.  But I have a really hard time not wanting to tear the pages.  They're just so soft!

Well, I'm going to go read now.  It's been nice catchin up with you.
PS- Doesn't my hair look strawberry blonde?  It's natural.  People pay good money for this color.  I know.


jennp said...

oh so precious! I want to meet her!