Taste and See...

This weekend was such a full and exciting weekend. From shooting our first wedding, to church and an amazing praise and worship night, we had a fantastic weekend. 

One thing really sums up our weekend though, and that came from Stephen's lesson on Sunday in biblestudy.  We studied Psalm 34, which says "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good". 

Have you ever tried to experience something fully by just seeing it?  Can you see a picture of a mountain and know what that truly looks like until you experience it for yourself?  Until you climb, and feel the rocks, and breathe in the air, and smell the surroundings, and drink from the natural spring?  You can't.  The only way to fully grasp and experience is to taste and see.  For tasting implies touching and smelling and when these things come together, you have a much better grasp of the fullness of God. 

This weekend, we had so many opportunities to taste and see.

Feeling the love from Birdie before leaving for the wedding.  Her warm hug and sweet kiss (slobber...) made me feel like the most important person in the world.

Feeling the warm sun, while capturing a bride in her most beautiful moment before she sees her groom.

Using the talent the Lord is growing in me to capture a wedding, feeling the grass beneath my feet and hearing the beautiful songs of praise as they said "I do".

A joyful high five and kiss from my best friend, my husband, after a job well done on Saturday.

A warm welcome from our Sunday school class, with muffins, and a sweet prayer from one of our most special members.

Lunch with our class after church.  Sharing a meal together, and getting to know new friends over a meal.

Spur of the moment ice cream trip with just my hubby and baby.  A baby's first taste of pineapple goodness (no picture, I was too busy enjoying her tasting it!)

Hearing and watching AB take many steps of independence with a small amount of assistance and rejoice in her voice was made clear, although very high pitched.

Praise and worship night with a sweet church, singing "I am yours" for I am truly truly Yours, Lord.


and last, feeling your warm sun touch our skin and feeling the wind through our hair as we wrapped a beautiful weekend together. 

I definitely tasted and saw the joy, the love, the protection, the goodness of the Lord this weekend and have fully experienced His love for me, and His love for others, in more ways then one.  He was there the whole time.  No matter what we were doing, He was there.  Making Himself known, even in the small things.

Oh Taste and See that the Lord is Good.... Psalm 34

He is so good.