Not be silent...

Lately, I've felt like there has been little to no communication on my part to my Lord.  Not on purpose, but I'm so busy with my daily schedule, focus on our baby, our house, our appointments, that I have at times, completely forgotten to be thankful for all that we've been given.  I feel I've gone an entire day without a simple thank you.
I did an extremely mini session for a friend on Saturday (I think we took pics for 10 minutes) and as I was editing, I saw their little girl with complete abandon, spinning under the sun. 
It made me think of how I feel when worshiping.  Not singing along to the radio, but truly worshipping. To feel like I'm spinning in a field, under the bright warm sun.  With complete abandon, with nothing on my mind.  And you can't help but have a smile on your face with spinning under the sun.  With both arms out, face turned upward.  Can't you feel that moment?  Feels good.
Oh Lord, I long for more moments like that.  Thank you for all that you have provided and continue to do in my life.  I will give thanks to You forever.