Morning worship...

Every morning... I take little AB to her school.  Her school that is just 3 children with the most wonderful care taker.  We drive our 10 minute drive, as she gazes out the window and we sing along to whatever song is on K-Love.  It really is the positive encouraging station.  In every sense of the definition.

Every morning, we pull up to Miss Etta's and walk in to the most joyous greeting.  All the while, K-Love is playing on her stereo too.  Our morning joy has followed us.  And continues to encourage Annie Beth all day long.  Well, until she turns it to some very fun children's music.  Which I also love.

This morning at Miss Etta's

I've noticed that my days have begun so much happier since I've started taking AB to school, as I have a little more time in the car to silently worship along with my daughter.  Before, I had a 2 minute commute and hardly turned on the radio.  Too busy to think about what was ahead of me.  Now, I have a little time to reflect and worship. 

And my days have changed.

I have never been very good at a quiet time, but right now, this feels like my quiet time.  Annie Beth enjoys the music and I enjoy the message they bring.  This morning, two songs really spoke to what I was needing to hear. 

I will never be forsaken.  And that the Lord is the song and the hope I sing. 

Thank you K-Love and thank you Lord for being the Light to my morning and the Peace amidst a wild world around us.

Here are the two songs I heard this morning.  Maybe they will speak to you too...

Meredith Andrews:  After all...

And PS- this amazing guy was on Idol last year.  I had no idea he was the artist.  I'm officially obsessed.  Colton Dixon everyone.

"If I had no voice, if I had no tongue I would dance for you like the rising sun. And when that day comes and I see your face I will shout your endless glorious praise. 
You are the song I'm singing, you are the air I'm breathing, You are the hope I'm needing.  You are."