Match Set. Game on.

My sister in law, the soon to be Dr. Baker, had a big day last week.

She found out she matched for her number 1 residency program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.  We're so proud of you Aunt Kit Kat!

It was my first Match Day, and man, it made me so nervous! I don't know how all these students handled their emotions!

Chancellor Dr. Barish welcoming all to Match Day

The student walks up, is given an envelope, and in front of well over 500 people, they announce to the world where their road is taking them.  I heard everything from California, New York, Birmingham, New Orleans, Arizona, Texas.  So many impressive programs members of her class were accepted to.  So proud of our LSU Health Shreveport Medical Students.

But seriously.  This whole thing was nerve racking.  For all of us.  Until we heard the excitement in her voice.

Mary Katherine Baker.  Internal Medicine...... UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM!  (Much like Miss America, but more exciting)

I would have that response to.  After all, it's a complete secret until they open their envelope.

Can you imagine.  No I can not.

Match day was held in our atrium with all the first, second and third years watching from above.  It won't be long for them!

This darling couple matched in Shreveport (I'm so excited they are staying here) as they are getting married this summer and yours truly will be capturing all their wedding moments.  Blessed am I to know them and to photograph their wedding.

Best friends all through medical school.  Mary Kate (as they all call her when they are together) and Ashley.  Seriously.

This hilarious student came dressed for an awards show.  And announced, "And the winner is...." for his match.  Hilarious.

This couple is in our Sunday school class.  They are married and matched in Birmingham with Kat as well.  So awesome.  I can't wait to visit all of them!  (They had it in their mind they wouldn't get their number one pick, but they did!  Can't you tell it on their faces?)

Kat was chosen to do a little behind the scenes of a student on match day.  Great job Kit Kat!

First Baptist Church Shreveport Young Adults represent!

And last, but certainly not least, the Bakers.  I didn't get the memo about coral, or I would have placed myself in the photo.  ;)  JK, I was taking the pic.

Can't wait to visit you in Alabama Dr. Baker!  We love you!