Learning how to sleep again...

I feel like so much of our lives right now, this current season, is centered around rest.  Getting rest, putting AB to sleep, trying to find time to rest and relax as a couple... but we all too often fail.

AB has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks old.  While I know it was the Lord who was gifting us with rest... I think we took it for granted.

This last month, we've taken a turn for the dark side.  She's been through a few illnesses that got her off her "sleeping through the night" routine.  And man, it's been a beating for all of us.  She all of a sudden has ALL the energy in the world when it's time to get a bath and get ready for bed or a nap.

(rolling right into the coffee table.  Don't worry, we put up a blockade now...)

So, now begins the process all over again.  Learning how to sleep through the night. At almost 7 months old.  Without a miracle blanket.  With a new found talent of rolling and soon to be crawling.  With a new discovery of pushing up and being able to see over her bumper her parents peeking in on her.  All these things have contributed to a lack of rest.

There have been many nights where I needed to be awake all night long because she was so sick.  ALL NIGHT.  And go to work the next day.  And I did it.  The Lord gave me energy to make it through.  (And Diet Dr. Pepper.)  And I'm so thankful for that energy.  But now I need rest.  The kind that doesn't get woken up every hour.

Tonight, I'm praying for uninterrupted sleep.  A night where we all three receive the rest we need.  Amen and Amen.


Jordan said...

Oh sister, how I feel your pain. No advice to offer that you haven't already heard/read. Just prayers.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Your little girl is SO cute! I love that sleeping picture. I have 2 little boys of my own and they don't sleep on my shoulder like that anymore. :( I'm in Shreveport too! Love finding out that there are other S'port bloggers!


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