Teething is no fun...

This has been a tough week for our little Birdie.  She has 2 teeth cut and another one on the way.
Her sweet cries are just heartbreaking to us but I'm thankful she's going through it so early.  I'm told that's good.  Get them out of the way.

So what do you use for teethers? 

My sister got me the most darling Chewbeads necklace, with flat beads on them.  It's so pretty and I love it.  But right now, AB needs something that she can hold and the necklace is too heavy for her. 

She will basically put her mouth on anything she can get.  Anything.  I'm thinking of having a glove fitted out of silicone so she can just gnaw on my hand.

She does love her little chewbeads bracelets which I got through Citrus Lane.  Citrus Lane is a darling monthly service that sends the latest toys and fun items based on your child's age.  Here is the first month's box:

Inside, they sent a set of 3 Chewbeads bracelets.  These are made from Silicone and are perfect for her little hands to wrap around and to stick in her mouth.  She often ends up wearing them like bracelets.  So cute.

And this month, here was her Citrus Lane box... I just loved this month!

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Inside, was a tube of Xylitol, which is for cleaning her little gums.  I found this really fun and hope she likes it.  It's a fun flavor and not harmful to her.  All natural.  (Also, see the fun rainmaker toy?  and Spring is here book (darling) and super soft wash cloths (perfect to clean her dirty face after eating) and I LOVE the lavender lip balm that came just for me.  And apparently Stephen because he really likes it too.  I guess I'll share.

So, here's to her many teeth.  I can't wait to see a big grin on her face, with a full set of teeth.

Although, I'm pretty fond of the toothless grin she's got going on now.  It's pretty adorable.

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