Not quite gourmet...

We've finally introduced AB to cereal.  Whole grain cereal, that is.  Doesn't that sound appetizing?

I can't say she loved it.  But honestly, who would?

Her look of desperation screams "Help me mommy..."

Can't you just hear her NOT swallowing?

Point is, we're entering a whole new realm of eating.  One that takes longer, is WAY messier, and bonus, makes her sleep even longer at night.

AB=0 Mommy=1

I can't wait for peas, and carrots and I'm really excited to introduce her to any fruit.  She's going to LOVE it!  She just doesn't know it.  At least we have the super cute spoons that look dipped to feed her with.  I know I was WAY more excited about that than I should have been.  I'm not ashamed.

I wish my spoons matched my outfits. 


Candace said...

Spoons matching outfits is such fun! She is too cute. Love it.