New year... new blog...

I decided after 2 years... it was time to change things up around here.

You like?  I hope so.  FYI... I added a pinterest, instagram and email button in the upper right hand corner.  You know how much I've tried to do pinterest... well, I'm finally getting there.  You'll also find a link to my photography website on the right.  I have so many sessions to add and so little time!  I'll get around to that soon.

In other news, Annie Beth got a wardrobe change this weekend.  We're finally fitting into my old dresses!

 Look!  It's me circa 1982!


And even more fun... her aunt Lauren wore it too!  I think Lauren and AB look way more alike than me and AB.  Don't you?

 Thank you Bee Bee for keeping my dresses so perfect all these years.  It looks brand new!

And then we took pictures for her baby dedication at church in one of my first smocked dresses.  It's a little big, but still so pretty.

We started rolling like a log this weekend.  We can't stop her.  She thinks it's so fun and I agree.  Fun until you roll under a table! 

Happy Monday everyone! 


Jordan Sanders said...

Your blog is beautiful, but ranks 2nd to that beautiful AB.

Meg Cady said...

Oh Sarah! Your blog looks great!

Hope to see you at church at some point this spring when I am in town!