Citrus Lane...

I realize I may be the last person on the planet to know about Citrus Lane... but I just thought I'd share with you what I just discovered.  In case I wasn't the last person to know about this fun little box of goodies.

Citrus Lane

How darling is this?  It's a monthly children's box of goodies you receive in the mail... catered to the age of your child. 

How genius is that?

Plus, this way, I get to see the latest and greatest that's out there for my little one.  Cheaper than if I was to go out and buy it.  Love it!  It's like Birchbox for babies!

Citrus Lane
I can't wait for my first box to arrive.  I signed up today and it will be here by the end of the month.  And super bonus, they have a deal right now, where if you sign up by January 14th, your first month is half off. 

Use this link to sign up with the code "takehalf" at check out

Citrus Lane

Aaaaaandddd, they have pre-made boxes if you need a shower gift.  Isn't that so smart?  Here's the newborn pack.

Citrus Lane
Anyway, thought I would share with you, so that you too could sign up and get fun things in the mail each month for your little one.  I'll share what Annie Beth gets, when it comes in.  We're excited to see!

Citrus Lane
Sign up here!  Don't delay, get the first month half off!


Sasha said...

Cute idea! Also would be a great baby shower gift!
I almost bought baby AB the owl backpack & lunch box for Christmas . . . but went the faux mink route instead! ;)