4 months strong...

The Baker household has been sickly for the last week and a half.  It was hard seeing AB suffer through her first cold, but just today, as Stephen and I have come down with the same cold she had, we saw her take a turn for the better.

She has the most beautiful smile.  And laugh.

I was so sad to not see that smile while she was sick. I'm glad to have our little birdie back.

AB is now 4 months old.  And such a delight.

It's so fun to learn her silly personality, even at such a young age. 

She's curious.  She doesn't want to sleep too long, as she is afraid of missing out on something.  She likes to be in your arms, standing.  At the same eye level of others.

She's such a big girl, and I can't wait for her to talk and tell us all she has to say.

Mmmmm, mommy?  I think I want more bottle.

No, I think I want to play with my poodle.

No, I'd like to sing and play.  I love singing!

Thank you Lord for this sweet girl.  We are so blessed by her... every day.


Chris said...

She is such a doll! Great photos!

Candace said...

Cutie patootie!!!!!