Our little pumpkin...

I realize that it's December.  And I realize the photos below involve pumpkins.  But I never got around to posting these, and since I post pics for out of town family to see, I decided to throw these up here.
Our little pumpkin.  At 2 months old.  I can't believe she'll be 4 months in just 2 weeks!


Life with laughter in it....

Every night, we come home, and spend some quality time in an unusual place.

On the changing table.

It's been a place of comfort for AB since her birth.  And every time we lay her there, she seems at ease.  So, after a long hard day of playing at Miss Etta's, we catch up on our day.

I love this little girl.  She brings us so much joy.  I had to share with you her latest laugh because her laugh is infectious and a sound I will never get tired of hearing.

"Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it.”  - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


AB turns 3 months!

Dearest Annie Beth -

You are growing to be such a beautiful, sweet little girl. Your daddy and I love to spend time with you, as you talk and coo and laugh and giggle at the silly things we'll do to make you smile.  You are almost sitting up... I bet it will only be a month or 2 before you're sitting on your own!

Every night we love picking you up and taking you home to spend time with you.  We talk about our day and sing silly songs.  You normally take a nap as soon as we get home, as you're so worn out from playing all day with Miss Etta and Clara.

You always wake with a smile, so happy to see us.  You're such a great sleeper, sleeping thru the night since you were 6 weeks old! 

You don't mind me constantly taking your picture.  You're really good and already know just where to look so mommy can get the best pictures of you.

You love to take baths, and you love to look at your sweet little hands.  Your nails grow so long that I could give you a french manicure right now!  We try to trim them every week.  You love it when I rub your feet.  I think a pedicure is in store for us when you're a little older! 

You're starting to play with toys, like your firefly from your Aunt Andrea.  You can finally hold on to things now, with your powerful grip.

Your stare wins me over each time and I can't get enough of you.  I will forever be obsessed with your sweet face.

And as you sleep, we pray over you that the Lord will protect you and that you may know the love that we have for you.  We are so thankful for our sweet girl.

Happy 3 months sweet little AB, Annie, Annie Beth, Birdie.  You may have lots of nick names at a young age, but you are one of a kind!


New blogsite!

I'm excited to announce a new blogsite for my photography sessions, Sarah Baker Photos!  I hope that Sarah to Shreveport can get back to my personal blog... babies, baking and the occasional pinterest project.  Wait.  Who am I kidding?  We'll just try to get back to babies and baking and work on the pinterest thing.


So be sure to follow, check in, sign up for email updates and share Sarah Baker Photos!  I love capturing sweet smiles and fun families with my camera.  Excited for what the future holds.

Go now!  Hope you like!