Sunday Family Photos - Brubaker style...

Sunday I had the opportunity to take Christmas card pics for a sweet family from our church.  I love this family and loved spending the afternoon with them.  (How hilarious is their dog Sugar?  She just wanted to be a part...)

The twins LOVE their momma.  Even if they were being bribed the entire time with candy to behave for our photoshoot.

But I think they're so precious, even if they are full of energy.  Quite the little models!

Everyone did a great job.  The weather was gorgeous... I really enjoyed being outside!

Doneen and Bob... such a wonderful couple and sweet part of our group at church.  We have LOVED getting to know them better this year.  They are the most giving, sweet, prayer warriors that truly give all they can to others.  Their generosity is contagious.

Happy family photo shoot Brubakers!  We love you!


Father's eyes...

I realize it takes time for babies' eyes to find their color.

 But I can't help but hope that this little one of mine will have blue eyes.

You see, her daddy has blue eyes.

And as the weeks go by, I see much of her daddy in her.  Even if she is slowly looking more and more like me.

Her sweet eyes have captured me just like her daddy did.  I'm all hers. 


One Month...

We reached our one month mark!  I can't believe our little AB is one month.  (She'll actually be 6 weeks on Thursday... but we are a little behind on blogging.  Blame HER for not sleeping at night).

But it's hard to be mad at someone so cute ;)

She loves her changing table.  Can't you tell from her sweet face?  Sometimes I lay her in it just for her to relax.

She just kicks her legs and gets so excited.  She's definitely more alert now.  I love her sweet eyes.

I bought these DARLING stickers from Etsy... and the name of the company was Lucy Darling.  Isn't that... Darling? 

I just love this little girl. 

I love this face.  "Mommy... I'm so over this."

I can't wait to find out how much she's grown since our first appointment.  She sees her doctor tomorrow.  Should be fun!


Geaux Family...

Two weeks ago, we did a quick family photo session.  We decided to dress in our best purple and white, and take a few photos at the park.  I'm so glad we did it!

And bonus... Annie Beth got to wear her new LSU onesie!

Our first Baker family photo shoot!  Quite the Christmas card...

Sweet boys... with their sweet dad.

The Baker girls!  (AB is just a little sleepy, can you tell?)

Sweet siblings...

Thank you Mary Katherine for taking our picture!  We love you!

I just love our sweet precious angel... who I can't believe is 5 weeks old today.  Crazy how time flies!