Surviving the first month...

We've reached 4 weeks.  Oh.My.Word.

I'm not celebrating her one month until the 30th (I have to delay it as much as possible... I can't believe we're almost a month old!)  But I decided to put together a little must have "first month" list.

As I've said before, I spent quite a lot of time researching what we would need for the baby before she arrived.  I had sweet friends (here's a link to my original post) tell me what to register for.  It was awesome.  I loved getting feedback from other mommy's.  Lets be honest.  I had no clue what I was getting in to.  (and still feel pretty clueless)

But I do know what has gotten us through the last month.  Here goes.

The obvious ones:

via Diapers.com

Newborn diapers:  Even though our little one was not so little when she was born, she still fit in the newborn diapers.  I was worried she wouldn't!  We went through two 144 packs of the newborn diapers in the first month.  That's close to 300 diapers.  We use the Seventh Generation diapers and we are really happy with them.  They are free of any dyes or chemicals.  We bought them on diapers.com and used all sorts of codes and discounts, and they ended up about the same price as regular diapers.  And shipping was free, and they arrived in 2 days.  Win, Win.

Wipes:  We went through quite a few wipes.  I've learned it isn't a big deal what brand we bought, but no matter which brand I purchased, I always get sensitive skin ones, as those didn't have perfumes.  I think in the first month we've gone through 2 of the mega packs you can get from Walgreens, etc.  (The packs come in a 3 pack).  It's amazing how many you go through.


Aiden + Anais bamboo swaddlers:  Love.These.  They are so soft and wonderful.  They are great to swaddle her, or just lovingly wrap her up, cover her in her carseat or use as a blanket.  I have three cream ones and the aqua pack pictured above.  I use these daily.


Kissy Kissy blanket:  We got so many blankets before she was born, and I know we'll end up using all of them as they are ALL so darling... but this one is small and perfect for her little body.  And it's SO soft.  The perfect weight I feel like for a newborn.

Lounger:  (also pictured above)

The boppy lounger:  Love this.  While our little one is rather strong for a newborn, and she's already starting to kind of roll in this, I think it would be good for all newborns.  AB napped and even slept in this thing.  (there is a warning on the pillow that you're not supposed to do this... and she only did for the first week or so).  It's still nice for when she is awake and alert, we can sit her in it with us on the couch and she can sit like a big girl and participate in the conversation.  We call it her princess pillow.

Soothies:  This pacifier was great, even in the hospital.  It soothed her as she had a really hard time latching on in the hospital and fussed quite a bit until the nurse stuck one of these in her mouth.  She isn't obsessed with it, but we do use it from time to time.  Since I'm not breast feeding (long story... but my milk didn't come in... end of long story), I read that formula babies need a way sucking longer than the bottle allows them to, so the paci helps soothe her, like breast fed babies are able to do.

Aquaphor:  She has had really dry skin (I think all babies go through this) and really chapped lips, so the aquaphor has helped a lot.  I had bought some really cute stuff for chapped lips on babies (I went with the packaging.  I'm that kind of girl sometimes.  Don't judge) but the aquaphor is best in the end.  Just buy some.

White Noise: We actually didn't get this until week 3, but we love it now.  It's called the Marpac Dual Speed Sound machine.  It makes a deep constant sound (we read that babies need this type of sound rather than the usual "noise makers" make)  This one sounds kind of like a fan.  It's great and drowns out a lot.  Very calming.  Available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart.

The good ol' Boppy:  I know some people don't use these, but for us, it was really helpful when feeding, and when family members wanted to hold her.  It just takes the work out of holding a baby.  I still think everyone needs one. 

Similac bottles:  I registered for 2 different kinds of bottles (Tommee Tippee and Madela bottles).  We tried both out before we realized she was super gassy.  Our doctor recommended Similac gassy bottles, and they seem to work!  My recommendation is to not open and wash EVERY single bottle you get when you're preparing for baby.  Just let them sit there until you need them and then you can return any bottles that don't work out for your little one.  They are all so picky and depending on the needs of your baby, you might need to get a different one! 

Burp Time:

Regular old burp cloths (but mine are fancified):  Now, this has got to be one of the best gifts I got.  And best idea ever for a baby shower.  My sweet friend Molly threw my Shreveport baby shower and had a different burp cloth at each place setting with AB's initials or Annie Beth monogrammed on them. (Just the regular white burp cloths that come in a 10 pack).  Best thing ever.  I think I have 15 of them.  And I go through several in one day.  This idea should be all over Pinterest.  Which I still don't do.  My mom's obsessed.  I'm still not on board.  Something is wrong with this.  I realize.

Bath Time:

Sponge Bath:  She was just too slinky and didn't work in anything but this little sponge.  I'm sure we'll graduate to a real infant bath, but for now, the sponge is perfect!  And they're cheap!


We originally got a fancy baby monitor, that has video, etc. but to be honest, we haven't even hooked it up yet.  Instead, we have used a basic "noise only" monitor for now.  Since she is on her back and doesn't move a whole bunch, we've found the noise monitor is really all we need right now.  I think Stephen got ours at Target.  It's super simple.

And be sure to have some baby nail clippers on hand.  AB needs a manicure basically twice a week her nails grow so much.  And I swear they grow in a point. 
So, those are the things we've really used the first month.  We live in pajamas (her in knit onesies, and footie pj's at night) and me in yoga pants (still the maternity ones) and t-shirts.  When all you do is lounge around feeding, changing diapers and resting when you can, comfy clothes are a must. 

I hope this is helpful to at least one person.  I realize that every baby is different and every situation is different.  But for us, this is what has worked for us.  The simple basic things. 

For a very sweet little southern girl in the making. 



I know I'm posting a lot on baby AB... can you blame me?  I haven't left my house much, and I just have this little sweet baby with me.  And I like practicing photography.  Therefore... we take pictures.  And, in keeping with the original reason why I started this blog (to keep up with family), they need to see pictures of their little AB! 

Here are the latest.

Napping on her quilt, made by her BeeBee.

Meeting her Granddaddy for the first time!  (He's been working out of town since she was born.)

Getting love from her Aunt Kit Kat and Uncle Ryne...

And then back to spending time with mommy at home... we play on our new play mat... I love how alert she's getting.  More and more every day.

And taking pictures in one of my outfits from when I was a baby.  It fit her! 

She looks like she's on her cell phone here.  So precious.

And I'm obsessed with her feet.  Mainly because she loves for them to be rubbed... and her feet are exactly the same shape as mine.  I love her so much... down to her toes.


Firsts: Bath time...

Now that our little AB has lost her cord officially, we decided to give her a real bath.  We had attempted a "wipe down" with warm cloths before and it caused an absolute panic attack.  I was really worried about the real bath time.  How would she react? 

We had a plan.

Take her to the bathroom asleep.

It worked.  At least for a moment.  Good thing Daddy is good at comforting our little one.

We lovingly placed her into the bath.  Onto the good ol' sponge.  There's nothing really better than the same sponge we were all bathed on as kids.  She doesn't fit in anything else now.  It works perfectly.

She stayed asleep (kind of fussing) for a little bit.  Until she realized she was in the bathtub and not in her warm pj's.

Overall... it was a success.  Much better than the first time we tried this.  She definitely cried at the end, but she stopped as soon as we finished her up and wrapped her in a warm towel.  This girl loves to be cuddled.  She loves to be sang to and talked to.  She has shown her personality in so many ways, even when she's feeding.  I hope to get her gag face on camera some day.  It's hilarious.

Are we almost done Daddy?  Please tell me we're almost done.

Oh hello Mommy.  I love being wrapped up.  Thank you.

Awwww.... relief.  And back asleep she went. 


Great Hands...

Sweet hands... the hands of a Great-grandfather.

While these hands show age and are large in size... they are soft and gentle and were able to hold our AB for the first time this week.  And our sweet little girl slept so good in his arms.  Who wouldn't.

AB is such a blessed little girl to still have a Great grandfather... who will rock her in his easy chair and teach her how to fish off his dock at the lake.  Most importantly, he will teach her about the Lord and his faithfulness. 

I look forward to telling her all about her other great grandfathers someday too.  And how they were all Great. The Great men of our family.

Thank you Lord for grandparents' hands.  And especially the hands of a Great grandfather.  For they truly are Great.


A week in pictures...

So much has happened in a week.  Our family grown by 1 very independent, strong, beautiful little girl, and we are learning to adjust to life with a little one... one sleepless night at a time. 

Here are a few pictures from our first week.  I am one lucky mama.

Her first picture... taken by daddy...

Love at first sight...

Daddy and Daughter... I love this picture.

Here in Louisiana, baby wreaths are a big deal apparently!  I'll blog later about how this one came about.  We loved it.

Proud grandparents...

She's home!

One of her first visitors!  Aunt LA!

Elli the Elephant from her Aunt LaLa

Protection from her Bunny...



So sleepy...

Sweet kissable rolls...

Well, we're off to nap.  And maybe do a fun photo shoot later.  Or just nap.  It's a rough life being a baby.