A sweet family mini session...

Have you ever seen such a sweet face?

My friends Marcia and Ramsey have the most precious little boy and it was time to do a little family mini session to capture this little one, in all his glory.  I just wish you could hear his sweet little babble.  I loved it.  Such a talker.

His eyelashes. Such a dream.

I took mom and dad aside while this little boy explored the back yard. 

They are such a sweet couple.

We ended our session with just chasing him around, which might have seemed chaotic.  But when you're 17 months old, it's hard to hold still.  There's just too much to discover!

Gerber's got nothin' on this kid. 


Packing for the hospital...

Well, we've hit one week until D-Day (Delivery!).  It was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and everyone's reaction (other than excitement) was "Oh... bless your heart, you're going to have to suffer through summer".

We've survived.  I've made it.  Whew.

I had told myself that as soon as August got here, I would start packing my bag for the hospital. I can't believe it is already August, and that I'm packed for the hospital.  And more importantly, that this baby could come at any moment!

Her car seat, all installed and ready to bring her home!
I had the best help when packing for the hospital (and for getting ready for Baby AB, in general) from my sweet friends (and a really great blog resource) who live all over the country!  I thought I'd share their tips with you, should you also be planning for a little one, or planning for your first trip to the hospital to deliver.  I found these three girls to be super helpful.

First, my friend Katie from high school, sent me her list via her blog.  She's so talented and an amazing photographer to boot.  I love following her pictures of her little princess.  Katie is such an incredible mother.

Katie just posted this of her and her little sweetie pie.  I hope our little girls get to meet one day!
Check out Katie's Baby Gear List here

And then the Styleberry blog was also helpful, as she broke down each section and what she needed for each different area of baby life.  So helpful when registering.

via Styleberry Blog

Definitely check out the Styleberry blog, as it's just awesome.  Here is a link to her Baby Gear List (which is amazing) and a link just to her regular blog.  (She also has a baby log that I'd like to order, which helps keep track of feedings and sleeping.  Looks like it would be a great little book to keep on hand!)

My sweet friend Shannon (from the New England Southerner) sent me her "Hospital Packing List" which was SO helpful.  I've checked it twice and it's printed off on top of my bag to check again before we throw everything into the car!  (If you need a copy of our hospital packing list, just message me!)  Be sure to check out Shannon's nursery along with her other work.  It's precious!  Shannon is such a talented designer. 

If you are also planning a trip to deliver a little one, let me know if you have any other good resources!  We can share via the comment section below.  One can never have too much advice when it comes to planning for a baby!  I'll take all the help I can get!

Have a great weekend!


Floral prints for the nursery...

Recently, I went back through some of my old shots of flowers on my computer (which took forever because I don't properly organize my images... add that to the list of things to fix before 2015)

I wanted some girly flowers to go in some white frames in the nursery.  But now I'm thinking of making a canvas gallery wrap for one of them.  What are your thoughts?  Are these good enough to frame/print off?

I kind of like the above one for a canvas gallery wrap.  Something not too big.  I love the colors...

Just some ideas.  Wish it were Spring so I could go out and get some really specific flowers, but everything is so wilted right now with this heat.  I randomly took these pictures while out on a walk, a long time ago.  Not thinking artwork or nursery.

Can't wait to have the nursery finished so I can post pictures on here!  Our glider comes on Friday! 


We'll call it a dress rehearsal...

Saturday was a fun day.  It involved a hospital, monitors and giving blood.  Oh yes, we had an unplanned dress rehearsal for labor.  We just didn't know it.

The funny (yes, funny) thing about all of it, was that all I wanted was a dr to call in some topical solution for my very itchy belly.  When she asked that I meet her at Highland (the place where I will be delivering) as she would be there and we could meet so she could look at my belly, I thought, no biggie.  I can meet her in the lobby and she can give me a prescription for some relief and I'll be on my way.

Not so much.

We got to the hospital and they asked me to put on a robe, give a urine sample and to wait in one of their labor and delivery rooms with Stephen. 

Whhhhaaaa.... Wait.  I was just here to show my belly to a dr.  I don't understand.

"Oh it's just procedure.  You're 36 weeks, so we have to take all precautions"  (for an itchy belly?)

The delivery room I was in... I didn't have the presence of mind to take any other pictures.  I kept thinking I was about to leave!
I was then put on 2 different monitors, and a blood pressure cuff, while Stephen and I watched HGTV, waiting for the dr.  I was glad they were monitoring me, as I had pretty bad contractions the entire time I was there and they were able to tell me that I was ok.  I think Annie Beth got excited and thought it was her time.  Gladly, she stayed put and we didn't leave with a baby.

Closer up of AB's heartbeat during our visit

Well, 3 hours later, and a recommendation of benedryl, I walked out of the labor and delivery ward with an appreciation for the unplanned visit.  We not only got acclimated to the labor and delivery ward, but also to the nurses, and to the room in which little Annie Beth will come into the world.  All without the stress of actually being in labor.

And best of all, Stephen felt the swift urge to start his packing list for the hospital.  He now knows what he'll need to survive ;)  (I already had his list, along with mine, thanks to some very sweet friends who just had babies) but it's still nice to be in the room and pretend a little.

"The Chair" that somehow has a pull out cot for Stephen to sleep on during our stay.  Should be interesting for him. 

In summary, our visit made everything very real, I'll tell you that much.  We realize we are SO not ready for AB to get here.  Not mentally, not physically, not packed, not prepared, not ready.

And to think,  we had planned on going on a tour of the hospital the next day.  Sheesh.  Our "tour" was WAY more thorough. 


All will be made new...

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. 
2 Corinthians 1:3-5

This morning, a sweet member of our church family passed away and was forever relieved of all her pain.  The illness that had come on so quick just 3 weeks ago, moved swift.  What moved quicker was the community around her, and the prayers that poured down over her, from friends and family all over the world.

When I found out late last night that she had been taken into ICU, I couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed with sadness for her husband and two daughters.  While death is something we will all face, it is never easy to experience loss, or to see others experience loss.   

It made me think about the importance of community, and the importance of a church family.  In these last few weeks, we have come together as a church to support this family.  We were not meant to be on this earth alone, and we were certainly called to be the hands and feet of Christ to those around us.  That includes using your arms to embrace others, your hands to make meals, your feet to run errands and dropping to your knees in the homes of those who are sick to pray over them. 

I hope that Stephen and I are able to give in any way that this family needs, and to be a small part in their healing, even if it is only through prayer over their family.

Will you be praying with us for this family?  They will have many hard days ahead and that is something that is inevitable.  Please pray for peace and comfort knowing their wife, mother, daughter has now been made perfect and is eternally with her Savior.  A place with no sadness, illness or hurt. 

She has been made new.