Baby Baker Nursery...

I think I've already posted about ideas for the nursery.  Well, I'm sure whatever I originally posted has changed, as I've had a case of the indecisiveness during pregnancy.

Well, I'm 69 days away from my due date and to say someone has lit a fire under me, is an understatement.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that I need to get this little room done, and done fast!  She could be here sooner than 69 days!  And that is not long AT ALL!

So, I finally put everything down that I wanted and created an inspiration board.  I'm anxious to compare the final outcome to what I've put on this board.  Won't that be fun?  It will be for me at least.

I love this print, which I bought for one of the white frames I'm doing above the crib.  Isn't it sweet?  An artist named Katie Daisy has the best prints (I've posted some of her stuff before) but you should definitely check out her shop on Etsy.

Katie Daisy

I will say that most of what is on this board is actually purchsed! My crib, the rug, the mirror, the fabric, the dresser, an owl lamp (not that exact one on the board, but I found one at Target for $40!)

I kind of like the cheaper one anyway!  Thoughts?  ( I'm going to recover the shade... maybe in the same fabric as my bumper!)

So, this weekend I hope to have Stephen paint the walls (I changed my mind half way through painting the first round).  I also want to hang the mirror and any other artwork we have.  I can't wait for my parents to visit in a few days, as my mom is going to help me make the bedding.  I've got to learn how to be domestic with my sewing machine.  I would be able to make so many fun things!

So that is my inspiration.  I'm really excited about the fabric we found, as I think the yellow and white zig zag fabric will be so darling as curtains. 

And guess what?  All the fabric was on sale.  Curtain fabric: $10/yd.  Bumper floral fabric:  $5/yd and bedskirt:  $6/yd.  I call that a deal.  (All from Hancocks)

I love deals.  I can't wait to teach baby AB about a bargain.  It's such a fun game.  Hopefully she will find it as thrilling as I do!


June Hydrangeas...

While I may look very much like my mother, and posess many of the same qualities as her... one thing we do not share is the ability to make things grow.

My mother's garden is my favorite this time of the year.  This last trip to Tulsa, I focused on all the beautiful hydrangeas.  My all time favorite.  Does it get any better than those?

And to think... the bushes were ABUNDANT with these blooms.  So many to chose from.  So many to ohh and ahh over. 

We cut several to make arrangements for the baby shower, and for the house.  I just love fresh cut flowers and hope that someday we're able to grow a garden like her. 

This is a picture of her dill growing.  While the bloom is not edible (to my knowledge), I found it to be so beautiful.

Another great part of being at my parents house is that we get to eat out on the porch if it's cool.  My mom had set up quite the spread for us!

I loved the blue and white stripped tablecloth, which was just 2 yards of fabric!

Hugs from my Stephen.

And belly pic so that AB gets in the picture. 

So, that was our trip to Tulsa.  Fabulous baby shower, and fun times with the family.  Next time I'm there, I'll have a baby in my arms!  Can't wait!


Baker Baby Shower...

A few weeks ago, my sister, best friend and 2 of my mother's closest friends, threw Baby AB the most darling, precious shower.  I couldn't have asked for a more special time to celebrate this little girl about to come into our world.

I can't wait to show her pictures one day, and show her how loved she was, even before her debut!

The shower had an owl theme (Stephen and I love owls, and have used them in her nursery and even around our home.)

The aqua packets on the guest table were the cutest brownie mixes as take home gifts.  The tags said "Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, Bakers Man"  Ha!  Love it! (And super yummy brownies they made!)

The cake was over the top darling, and it tasted fabulous too!  Could you imagine a more perfect cake?  I cannot.

My sister, Anna, Sasha, me and LeeAnn.  The hostesses with the mostess!

The cutest nametags... Love!
I just love being around all these fabulous women.  Isn't my mommy pretty?  I hope to look as young as she does when I'm a grandmommy.. or as we're going to call her, BeeBee.
Love you so much too Aunt LeeAnnie!  Baby AB can't wait to meet you!!!!


Such a wonderful Mother Daughter Duo.  Such strong, talented, prayer warriors.  I love them so much.

I'm so much like this woman... and so grateful that I am...

Mrs. Hopper.  My first grade sunday school teacher.  She was such an influence in my decision to follow Christ.  She leads by example and loves with every bone in her body.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.

I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful gifts.  Again, this little girl is one blessed princess!

My sister had everyone bring books for Annie Beth's library, rather than cards.  Isn't that the best idea?

My sister's book was Charlie the Ranch Dog, written by Pioneer Woman.  She even had her sign it to little Miss Annie Beth!  How special is that?

My mom wrapped up Annie Beth's quilt she's been working on.  It's so wonderful and I can't wait to wrap her up in it! Such a special gift for a special girl.

 Stephen showed up to help load (and of course to see what all the fuss was about!) and it was fun for me to show him all the fun things we got to pamper little AB with!

Putting together our new stroller!

Or course, he got silly placing various stuffed animals in the stroller ;)

This is my "Yes, I am married to a silly husband" face.

Such a wonderful shower with wonderful women who I will continue to seek advice from, and look to as examples of fabulous mother's.  I can't wait to introduce baby AB into this amazing group of women!

Thank you to my sweet hostesses for such a perfect shower.  I can not think of a more perfect afternoon!


Summer Smiles... {Shreveport Family Photographer}

This last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a new family, for a mini family session.  Each one of them was so precious and I loved capturing their smiles.

How cute are these kids?

The mom contacted me so that I could grab a few shots of their oldest, and youngest, as she does this every year around their birthday.  I think that's a great idea. 

This sweet little one just turned 2 and she was about to say bye bye to her crib.  We were able to grab a few shots of her in her darling nursery.

She had the greatest smile and laugh.  It was infectious and I loved having her tell me about her animals and her room!

Such a sweet family, on a very hot Saturday, but they were troopers!  Thank you for letting me come and capture your wonderful family!


Daddies and Donuts...

At church yesterday, we had a Donuts with Dad day and I was asked to take pictures of kiddos with their dads.  Have I mentioned how much we love our church?  It was moments like this that just get me even more excited for little AB to get here.  I can't wait for her to have moments like this with her daddy. 

This dad has his hands full.  One donut was just not enough for one of them, as you can see.

Sweet boys in plaid ;)  Minus their littlest one, who was too busy running from my camera.

Eric with his two handsome boys. 

How cute is she with her sweet dad?  I think she deserves a donut..

The newest daddy of the group... with their precious little girl.

It was sometimes hard to get them to stop chewing and take a picture.  But we managed ;)

There were some that quickly moved from donuts to play with their friends.  I love these two ;)

Yes, this beautiful family is one big one!  The littlest one melts my heart every time I see him.  So precious and the best baby! 

Such a precious family below.  About to add a little girl to the mix, making them a family of 5! I think this is just fabulous, since she can be friends with baby AB.

This daddy with his girls minus their littlest one, who was already in the baby nursery.  I love their bows.

It was a sweet Sunday honoring sweet daddies!