The eyes have it...

This is the last post I have from the Mommy and Me sessions I did.  Promise.  But I couldn't move on and blog about other things, when I had these precious eyes staring back at me.
Can you believe the blue beauties on this blondie?

The best part? There are two of them.  Precious twins with double the fun, and double the energy.

If I would have known how much they loved pine cones, I would have just brought them a sack to play in. 

Their mom is a dear friend and such an inspiration to me.  She runs hard after these two!  Their attention span matches their age... I can't imagine how many calories she burns a day just chasing them... often in different directions.

And then I finished out the day with another set of brothers, but much different in age. 

His eyes speak volumes, don't they?  So big and beautiful and dark brown. His eyes have a kindness and a gentleness about them. He was so good with his little brother, and I know it is mostly to do with how his eyes can calm the little one just by gazing upon him.

Sweetness and gentleness are wrapped up in this beautiful mother, and her handsome sons. I loved spending time with this family and most of all, getting to hold the little one. His little Noah's ark smocked jumper was just too cute. 

I realized as I was processing these images from the session, how striking little eyes can be.  How they peer and investigate and analyze and learn.  Their eyes, even at such a young age, are taking in so much that will eventually mold them to who they will be as adults.  Their eyes speak for them, even when they cannot speak.

I am so thankful for the eyes of children.  Eyes that don't care who you are, or what you look like... eyes that don't know hurt or rejection.  Eyes that are forgiving and love unconditionally.

May we all have eyes like children, that see the true beauty that this world has to offer.


The Glenn Family... {Shreveport Family Photographer}

There's just something about children that captures the lens.  It's almost like they speak another language to the camera and I've loved capturing these little glimpses into the lives of children over the last week.  It's become a true joy of mine.
Our cousins were in town this last weekend, and we were able to take a few shots before lunch on Saturday after my mommy and me sessions. 

I love these little girls.  I can't wait for Miss Annie Beth to grow up with these sweet sisters...

Amy and I went to middle school together, isn't that funny?  We didn't get to know each other until I married Stephen, but I've loved having her as family now.  I love how the Lord crosses paths for you and brings people into your life.  What a joy this sweet family brings us.

Nick and Stephen are like brothers.  When we found out we were pregnant, they were so excited for us, and they've been such a resource for us in planning for little AB.  I can't wait for little Georgia to meet AB.  They're going to be like siblings... just like Nick and Stephen were.

Amy is also learning photography, so we had fun swapping tips and learning how to use new lenses together.  She has the best subjects to take pictures of every day.  Such little models!

Nick's mom said that it takes a special man to be a "girls" dad, and that both Nick and Stephen have that trait.  I'm so thankful they were both raised in such loving, sweet homes that allowed them to be the strong men they are, and yet be the sweet daddies to their girls. 

We loved spending time with you!  Come back to Shreveport soon!


Jennifer and her princesses... {Shreveport Family Photographer}

On Saturday, we hosted a mini session for mommies and their little ones.  I did four sessions and loved every one of them.  I can't wait to do it again.

Here is a preview of Jennifer and her precious little girls. 

Can you believe this brunette beauty produced such a blondie?  And a sassy one at that.

Big sister was so sweet and reminded me of my sister... very quiet and observant (when she was little.. don't worry, she found her voice eventually).

This little one just sat and smiled and giggled at Stephen, who was doing his normal job of making children laugh. 

How cute are these little girls?  I could hardly stand it.  Love!

Such a pretty momma...

Thank you Jennifer for being a part of our mommy and me session.  We'll definitely have to do this again!


Here comes the sun... {Shreveport Bridal Photographer}

Now that Whitney has walked down the aisle... I can officially post her bridal pictures!  I'm obsessed with her dress. 

One of the songs they chose this last weekend was Here Comes the Sun... and I thought it was a great theme for her bridals as well.  Enjoy!

Congrats Whitney!  You looked gorgeous during your bridals AND your wedding. Thank you for letting me spend this time with you capturing your beauty!


Hitched: Whitney and Jacob

This last weekend was a weekend of celebration.  Stephen's cousin got married and I can't even begin to tell you about all the fabulous details.  It was amazing and absolutely the most gorgeous ceremony and evening under the stars.

I can't wait to see her photographer's photos from the event, but I did (of course) have my camera.  I couldn't leave it at home!

The wedding was on her family's plantation, nestled around a gorgeous lake.  Her father lovingly rowed her from one end to our end, arriving to the shore, allowing her to be brought down the aisle.

I can only imagine the sweet words they shared as they traveled across the lake.  Something only they will share and such a sweet moment between a father and daughter.

The mothers were both so beautiful and I was so happy for both of them to finally have this day here!

The professional flower girls (same sweet little ones from our wedding!) did an amazing job, once again.  I loved their little monogrammed sashes.  Such a precious detail.

Cousin Jacob had a very grand entrance as well, riding in on Buttercup... his sister's horse.

Whitney's bridesmaids were all in yellow, and they were gorgeous! 

Sweet Jentry... I do love your handkerchief.  As Jacob's sister, she was so proud of her brother and Whitney.

I loved Whitney's dress... so gorgeous.

After the ceremony, we celebrated under the most fabulous tent.  Here are some pics of our family. 

And then there was the decor.  More than I can even try to explain... so I'll just show the pictures.

Outside the tent, they had put together little areas for the cocktail time.  I loved the couches.

Check out the guitar everyone signed.  Perfect for the rising country star.  We're so proud of you Jacob!

Check out the desserts.  Amazing.  LOVE the wood displays.  And the grooms cake.  Perfect for Jacob.

Every person received a small jar of honey from Tennessee.  So darling.

The evening was so wonderful and perfect for this wonderful couple.  Welcome to the family Whitney!  We're so happy to have you as our latest addition.