Pink Balloons...

I can't believe the balloons were pink.  I truly can't believe it.

When we decided to do a "balloon box reveal" I thought it would be fun, but I never knew HOW much fun and thrilling it would be.

Via Candace Chaney Photography

When I caught sight of what would be the sign of a little girl to come, I didn't know what to do... and all my body would do is smile and clap.  It's my natural, uncontrollable reaction to clap or clasp my hands when I'm excited.  It runs in the family.  It made us good cheerleaders.

Via Candace Chaney Photography
I was so good leading up to this moment.  I hadn't peaked. 

I hadn't asked my dad to hand over the envelope from the doctor (which I had him hold in case I wanted to peak) and I hadn't called Paper Shack to tell me what color of balloons they were putting in our box.

(The ladies at Paper Shack were hilarious by they way and taunted me when I gave over the envelope... holding it up to the light for me)  They were so excited to help us with this reveal.  They even made stickers for everyone to vote on a boy or girl!  How sweet!

Ladies from Paper Shack with my envelope from the Dr! 
Saturday came and I was so excited to find out if we were having a boy or girl.  We arrived at the park, greeted by so many friends... and their wonderful children, so excited about the balloons and cupcakes.

Sweet future husband possibly?
I loved going around and asking the kids what I was going to have.  These two told me I was going to have a dinosaur.  Hilarious.

Then it was time for the big reveal.  We counted down and slowly opened the box. 

What will the baby be???

Sweet Anne Elizabeth.  I can't wait to meet her.

Of course I had to call my sister and grandmothers... who I wish was with us! 

And we got some precious gifts for little Annie Beth!
Sweet Molly gave us this precious little gift!  We love it!

Thank you Candace for capturing the big moment!
Kids immediately wanted to jump in our now empty box.  I never knew it would be so popular!
I love this picture, as Amy on the left JUST had her little girl (she's only 2 weeks old!) and then Tiffani in the middle is due in a month.  Can you say sweet future friends for Anne Elizabeth?  I think so!

The rest of the party was spent celebrating with our sweet family and friends who we are so blessed to know.  I'm so thankful to have all these people in our life!

And we were so thankful to have my parents there to help us celebrate... they did so much to help us put this party together. 

I can't wait to bring this little girl into the world... to share with all these friends and family.
She's one LOVED and blessed little girl.  Already.


I'm just a little fruity...

You know how people have cravings when they're pregnant?  I haven't really had those, but I AM obsessed with eating fruit or making smoothies.

Does that count as a craving?

The frozen fruit blend from Target with the overpriced yet very yummy Simply Orange with Mango makes the BEST smoothies.  At least I think so.

I always thought cravings had to be something bad for you, like ice cream or snickers bars, or Chinese food.  But this little baby of mine (or maybe it's just me, and the baby has no say in the matter) really loves smoothies or fresh fruit.

And I try to force my obsession on Stephen.  Who doesn't love fruit as much as I do.  But who wouldn't want a pre-made smoothie made for them with a pretty colored straw in a monogrammed cup in the morning?  I don't know those people.  Coffee smoffee.

I'm also obsessed with KIND bars.  Have you had those?  They're on the nutrition bar section of you grocery.

I somehow didn't get my favorite two flavors in the picture (silly me) but one is a cranberry and nut bar (vegan, gluten and dairy free, for those of you that care about that.) and then for a treat, I LOVE the dark chocolate and cherry bar.  Amazing I tell you.

You must try them.  I discovered them at Starbucks first.  Since I don't like coffee and Stephen does, I always look for things I can get at Starbucks to feel cool too.  (I just want to belong, ok?)

So, that's what I'm craving right now.  I guess there are worse things.  I have re-discovered Cheetos since I don't feel guilty eating the extra fat/calories.  It's become my special treat if we go to get sandwiches.  I've had skinny girls give me the stink eye as they pick up they're bag of baked lays.  They're just jealous.



I've been having a hard time sleeping lately.  Whether it is due to drinking too much water, or just waking up because there is so much on my mind, I end up awake, at or around 3:30 or 4:00 am.

Normally, I try to sing a hymn (as there is normally a horrible song stuck in my head) or just spend the time praying for the baby.  But last night as I lay there, I felt something.  Butterflies.

This time, it wasn't due to being nervous, or anxious, or due to something I ate. 

It was different than the butterflies I had when I met Stephen for the first time... and knew he would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with. 

It was different than the butterflies I had when I saw Stephen in my wedding dress.

And different than the butterflies I had when I knew we were pregnant and I got to surprise him with the news.

The butterflies inside of me felt different. Unlike anything I've ever felt before.  I realized it was little Baby Baker making sure I knew it was there.  And I'm guessing that it wanted me to know that it too, was awake. 

It made being awake ok.  I didn't mind since I then knew I wasn't alone. 



Baby reveal party ideas...

This next weekend, we're going to do a big reveal to find out if we're having a boy or girl! (My doctor is going to put "boy or girl" on a slip of paper in an envelope so we won't know at the appointment).  This way, we can find out the sex of our baby all together, with everyone!

I wanted to do something casual (not a full out party)  and we love the idea of doing a balloon box.  We're getting together at the park with friends and family, so I thought balloons would be great.  Have you seen these? 

I just think they are so much fun.  Who doesn't love balloons.

Tonight I'm going to go find a BIG box and figure out how to cover it! 

I also love all the ideas I'm finding where people guess what you're having. 


Can't wait for Saturday.  Praying for good weather and a healthy baby at our checkup on Thursday!


Blessing in a bag...


The act of one who blesses.


Way way back in August, I had a divine appointment to meet a very sweet girl named Bethany.  You can read about it here

I knew when I met her that she as different, but I didn't know that she would become a close friend, and such a blessing in Stephen and my life.  Bethany and her husband are such giving souls.  We love that the Lord used them to bring us to our church and to introduce us to our Sunday school, and so many sweet friends.

Paul and Bethany own Aidan's place, which makes wonderful homemade granola.  If you live in Shreveport, it's the granola on your Humphrey at Counter Culture.  If you have been around our house, it's the granola Stephen has a hard time not eating all in one sitting.  It's a problem.  We're working on pacing ourselves.

Tonight, Stephen and I went to help them bag up 300 "Blessings in a Bag" for local homeless and other organizations that need a nutritious solution for those who are needy.

We filled these bags at Aidan's Place, here in Shreveport, where they produce all the granola.  I can't even describe the amazing aroma when you pull in the parking lot.  Yes, you can smell it from the parking lot.  It's amazing.

Stephen was on the bagging crew.  He scooped and weighed each bag.

I can't bag granola.  I can't sit that close to a huge batch of granola goodness.  I would have to taste test WAY too much.

"Uh Oh!  This huge pile just dropped on the table!  I must eat it then"

I put the labels on the bags.  It's important.  And they don't loose as much granola that way.

Bethany has painted scripture throughout the shop, and it's wonderful that no matter where you look, you're covered with the Word, and blessings straight from the Lord.

And tonight, we were also joined by little blessings.  They were so precious.

He was looking for the best piece of granola to share with me. 

This face says it all:

"Do I really have to give up some granola to you, the crazy lady with the camera?"

Don't worry sweet little one.  I get the same look from my husband.