Mary Katherine and Coe {Shreveport Engagement Photography}

Let me introduce you to Shreveport's newest engaged couple.  Aren't they precious? 

Mary Katherine and Coe contacted me to do their engagement session and I was so excited!  What a cute couple they are... and so sweet with eachother.

We headed to downtown Shreveport and started out at a really cool blue wall (which I Loved) and then headed to the area over by the Barnwell Center, where there are gardens and fountains and lots of fun areas to hang out in. 

They then did an outfit change... can you tell I was obsessed with her headband?  Loved it.

I love this picture... I think it's so sweet.

I had a great time with these two... and I know they will have a fun 7 months or so planning for their upcoming wedding!


Yogurt Personality Test...

Last weekend, Stephen took me to Orange Cup (I think that's the name.)  Really yummy frozen yogurt.  Too many toppings to choose from.  And the bowls make you get WAY too much.

But as I sat there, I realized that you can really learn a lot about someone by their frozen yogurt selections.

Can you tell which is mine?  Lets just say the messy creative one. 

Stephens... the neat one, is in sections.  His flavors don't mix.  His fruit was meticulously chosen to pair with each of his three flavors. He took time to plan which would be best with the pineapple, the chocolate.

What does mine say?  I'm basically still a child.  I opt for m&m's and chocolate chips, and the occasional gummy bears, which turn hard and extremely chewy when paired with frozen yogurt.  I like to swirl.  I like to see the colors of the m&m's melt into the yogurt and create a rainbow effect.  It makes me happy.

Stephen's yogurt says he's organized, a planner, thinks through his decisions.  He thinks ahead about what will be the best choice for him.  He appears here to make a healthier decision than me (with the fruit and all...).  But I love him.  He completes my crazy side.  The side that likes to swirl.

But we go together. As we sat there, we shared our masterpieces with one another. He loved my m&m mixture.  He said it reminded him of being a little boy. We talked about how both of us would go to TCBY as children and turns out, we would both get the same topping.  Gummy Bears.  (I'm telling you, it's the best)

Neither one of us finished our desserts because our eyes were both bigger than our stomachs.  We had a sweet time together, sharing a treat, and even as we approach one year of marriage, we're still learning about one another.  Something new every day.

And I hope it stays that way.


Chicken Nuggets...

This last weekend, Stephen and I made our (just about weekly) trip to Lowes and Home Depot.  We have made dates out of going to the big box stores.  Sad isn't it?

On this trip, we made a stop past the gas ranges, just to look at our options (we do this alot).  I found one that wasn't too bad.  Nice 5 burners, heavy door, I liked the knobs... but one thing was off.

The buttons...

Yes, that says chicken nuggets.

I'd like a "Design your own" buttons (if you have to have presets).  I'd need one that says roasted asparagus... or rosemary potatoes.

But chicken nuggets?  Pizza?  Those items already come in boxes with strict instructions.  You can't read the box?  Does asparagus have instructions?  No.  That's what we need a button for.

It's a very nice oven.  It's 1000 times nicer than our oven, which currently only works on the right side.  So, even though it says chicken nuggets, it would be a huge improvement.  I could look past the buttons.

I was just a little thrown off by the presets.  I'm sure I'll get over it ;)

(Public Service Announcement- I'm not knocking chicken nuggets.  I do love them, especially from Chick-fil-A dipped in chick-fil-a sauce, which is new to me, introduced by my husband.  Where has chick-fil-a sauce been all my life?)


A story...

If you wish to be a writer; write! - Epictetus (Greek philosopher)
Do you journal?  Keep a log of what's going on?  Have you written your very own story?

I've never been a consistent journal-er.  I guess this blog has been the most semi-consistent attempt at writing down my life... and it's been fun, you know?  I already have fun looking back at old blogs, when I was planning our wedding, or on home renovations... or just pictures from family get togethers.  I love it all.

I've said it before, but I've grown to love "writing".

I'm in love with these journals... in love.

Because of this new found love of writing... it occurred to me within the last year or so, that I would like to write a book. (What, like it's hard?  Please.)  JK, I know this will be SO difficult. 

A writer needs three things, experience, observation, and imagination, any two of which, at times any one of which, can supply the lack of the others. - William Faulkner

I'd love to document the story of the woman who previously owned the home we live in now.  To sum it up, the house was sold to us with 75% of the contents still in it.  The woman had passed away with no living relatives that cared for her or her things.

The house when we bought it. Before we started the massive take down of azaleas that had over grown.
After going through her things and keeping some cherished items (her pictures, bible, coffee cups, etc.) we've learned a lot about her.  I found her check register the other day in the top of a closet.  She wrote down all her checks.  (something I could learn from her)  It's always interesting to see where someone spends their money.

We drink out of her coffee cups every morning (and by "we" I mean Stephen.  Coffee....Ucky). 

So I asked for some journals for Christmas, to start writing in... to start my story.

Stephen came though with these adorable journals I had lovingly hinted I wanted someday.  I love hinting and receiving.

Thank you Stephen... I will now begin our story.  I really think it's going to be good.


You're invited...

This weekend is kind of big for our church.  Actually, it's really big.  First Baptist Shreveport has been on a pastor search for 2 years and this weekend, one is coming in view of a call!  Yes... we may very well have a new Pastor soon!

If you're interested in joining us this Sunday, we'd love to have you.  Come learn more about Dr. Jeff Raines and his family (wife Darcie and their two precious boys).  I know I'm so excited to meet them and get to know them.

I do know that one thing is certain.  This family will be welcomed with big, loving, open arms.  I know when we joined, every single member of the church walked down front to meet us.  And we're nobodies!  This family doesn't know what's about to hit them!  Lots of love... that's for sure.

So please join us, if you are looking for a church home.  Be a part of our family of believers as we welcome our new pastor.  We would love to welcome you as well.  Believe me... this church is so loving and there are a TON of places to serve and get involved.

Where:  First Baptist Church - Shreveport

When:  Sunday, January 8th (Stephen's birthday!  Happy Birthday Hubby!)

Time:  Sunday School at 9:15, Service is at 10:30.  Email me if you would like to join us for Sunday School, or we can help find the right class for you.

Stephen and I are excited for this new day at First Baptist Shreveport.  We hope you will join us too!


Great is Your Faithfulness....

Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;
   therefore I will wait for him.”
Lamentations 3:22-24 

Shreveport, LA - December 2011

The sunset coming over the I-49 bridge the over night, took my mind to a far away place.  I know this sunset does not compare to those on remote islands, or far off paradises... but for me, it was just what I needed to see that day.  It was beauty in it's purest form. 

Great is His Faithfulness.

I love how the Lord gives each of us these amazing works of art, miracles to view, while here on earth.  We're able to be greeted every morning by the sun, and as the sun leaves us at night, He puts on a beautiful show for us to watch as the sun sets and releases the moon.

His love and compassions are new Every Morning.

The Lord is my portion and I will anxiously wait for Him.


A fun food find in Oak Cliff...

A few weeks ago, I met up with two of my besties for a birthday lunch... but mostly just to catch up and be together since we all live far away from eachother.

We met up at Smoke, an Oak Cliff restaurant near downtown Dallas.  It's housed next to the historic Belmont hotel, which could take an entirely different post all together.


When you walk in, you are hit by an overwhelming, intoxicating aroma that nearly takes your breath away, it's so wonderful.  The smell of smoked meats, homemade sides and southern food makes a girl want to move right in and live forever.  They prepare homegrown, handmade and organic, when available.
The wait was long, as we went on a Sunday during brunch (and boy do Dallas people like to brunch).  While we waited, us girls went to tour the hotel.

The Belmont hotel was built in 1946 and was designed by Charles Stevens Dilbeck.  The hotel had been extremely run down since the 1950's, but was restored in 2005.   (The pool was amazing... which I've been told is a great place to sneak into during the summer.)  The view of downtown is amazing (not so amazing the day we went, as it was gloomy outside), but one can imagine.

On the inside of the hotel, I loved the lobby. Very eclectic, but I loved it.

The floor in front of the fireplace was really neat.  It was an all brick floor, but they painted the bricks in the sitting area to resemble an area rug with a chevron pattern.  Love it.

Back to the restaurant now...

We sat down and had the cutest little plates with pigs on them.  Funny thing is, the restaurant has had to put a fun message on the backside of the plate since I guess people steal them.  Sheesh.

The menu was full of fabulous options... but I went with what my nose told me to get.  Chopped beef brisket sandwich.  I smelled the smoked goodness and had to try it.

Sorry for the bite pic.  I was so excited to eat it, I forgot to take a picture of it without taking a bite first. 

It was fabulous.

But everyone got something different and just as yummy.  The grits looked amazing.

I don't know the name of this entree... but it involved eggs on the bottom, ham, and a fried egg on top.

 We celebrated Sarah's birthday... with a very large complimentary key lime pie.  So refreshing...

Happy (belated) Birthday Sarah!  Loved spending time with you and celebrating your birth and your friendship!

I definitely recommend Smoke if you're in Dallas.  It's a little out of the way, but in an area of town I love, since it's a bit of a throw back.  The food was amazing and definitely worth the wait.