Happy Owloween!

Our first Owloween was very successful!  Sweet Annie Beth was the cutest owl I've ever seen. 

My wonderful friend Candace (shout out Candace Chaney Photography!) did a little session with her, so I could focus on her sweetness and not be behind the camera for once.  It was so nice and I hope I can repay her and pull her out from behind the camera some day!

I ended up making this costume after finding one similar online.  It was super simple and didn't take long at all.  AND it was all done without sewing.  Only a glue gun.  And a quick stick for the owl face.  So simple.

So, materials are cheap and all found at Hobby Lobby... except the white onesie.  Which I got at Target.

1 white onesie
3 different colors of felt, found in a sheet form.  I got 2 sheets of each color, just so I would have enough.  I did.
1 sheet of brown for the eyes and beak, 1 sheet of white for the eyes
1 package of large diamonds for the eyes
1 package of pink feathers (or blue if your owl is a boy!)
1 stretchy headband for the head

I cut all the "feathers" for the front out, and slowly layered them from the bottom up.  I used a glue gun to attach it to the onesie.  I then glued on a few feathers just for fun and pizazz.

For the face, I cut 2 pieces of felt in the shape of a face, and glued them together, to make it a little thicker.  I then cut out the eyes, beak and eye lids.  Glued them on and added the diamonds and feathers for eye lashes.

Yes, Owls have eye lashes.

 I finished it off by gluing on feathers on the backside of the mask, then covering the back with another piece of felt.  To cover the feather backs, which are kind of sharp.  I then grabbed a needle and thread and sewed the mask onto the headbad.

You can do this if I can do this.

We had the best time taking our Owl to the church festival and helping lots of kids get lots of candy.

I'm so in love with her.  I told her all day "Whooooooooo loves you?  Whooooo Whoooo?"

She knows.

And just like that, our night owl fell asleep during the day.  It's only natural.


Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

LOVE! Love AB, you & her adorable Owl-o-ween costume. She is such a beauty, like her mama.
You did a great job with the costume!

Candace said...

Seriously the cutest owl EVER!!!!!