Follow the Sun...

Sometimes, the best photoshoots don't require open fields, cool props or fancy outfits.

All you need are willing participants, and the sun.

This weekend, at our annual Thanksmas with Stephen's family, we decided to grab a few pics outside of some pretty cute kids.  It wasn't planned.  It wasn't the perfect location.  But we made it work. 

It just proved to me that you don't have to make a big fuss to have a photoshoot.  You can do one right where you are.  Even if it is in a hotel parking lot.

I even got their mom to get in a pic.  And I don't even care that there are cars in the background.  That wasn't what mattered.

The best part was pulling their grandparents in the pictures.  Best part of my day.

I love being around love at this age. 

They almost seemed like teenagers being silly with one another.

And laughter so pure and sweet.

But their greatest joy is right here.  At their feet.

And that right there is love.  Family documented in a perfect place... even if it was in a parking lot.