One Month...

We reached our one month mark!  I can't believe our little AB is one month.  (She'll actually be 6 weeks on Thursday... but we are a little behind on blogging.  Blame HER for not sleeping at night).

But it's hard to be mad at someone so cute ;)

She loves her changing table.  Can't you tell from her sweet face?  Sometimes I lay her in it just for her to relax.

She just kicks her legs and gets so excited.  She's definitely more alert now.  I love her sweet eyes.

I bought these DARLING stickers from Etsy... and the name of the company was Lucy Darling.  Isn't that... Darling? 

I just love this little girl. 

I love this face.  "Mommy... I'm so over this."

I can't wait to find out how much she's grown since our first appointment.  She sees her doctor tomorrow.  Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Sarah & Stephen I look at your latest blog on sweet Annie every day and wish I could hold her and love her. She definitely has changed since you were here. Hope you are getting some much needed rest. Love GGma Polly