I know I'm posting a lot on baby AB... can you blame me?  I haven't left my house much, and I just have this little sweet baby with me.  And I like practicing photography.  Therefore... we take pictures.  And, in keeping with the original reason why I started this blog (to keep up with family), they need to see pictures of their little AB! 

Here are the latest.

Napping on her quilt, made by her BeeBee.

Meeting her Granddaddy for the first time!  (He's been working out of town since she was born.)

Getting love from her Aunt Kit Kat and Uncle Ryne...

And then back to spending time with mommy at home... we play on our new play mat... I love how alert she's getting.  More and more every day.

And taking pictures in one of my outfits from when I was a baby.  It fit her! 

She looks like she's on her cell phone here.  So precious.

And I'm obsessed with her feet.  Mainly because she loves for them to be rubbed... and her feet are exactly the same shape as mine.  I love her so much... down to her toes.


megb said...

i want to hold her again!!! great pics!

Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

I LOVE the photos of AB in your dress! Those are beautiful!

Debbie Crafts said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! You are blessed!

Sarah said...

I want that quilt for ME! So cute! The nursery looks so bright and colorful - just love all the pictures