Firsts: Bath time...

Now that our little AB has lost her cord officially, we decided to give her a real bath.  We had attempted a "wipe down" with warm cloths before and it caused an absolute panic attack.  I was really worried about the real bath time.  How would she react? 

We had a plan.

Take her to the bathroom asleep.

It worked.  At least for a moment.  Good thing Daddy is good at comforting our little one.

We lovingly placed her into the bath.  Onto the good ol' sponge.  There's nothing really better than the same sponge we were all bathed on as kids.  She doesn't fit in anything else now.  It works perfectly.

She stayed asleep (kind of fussing) for a little bit.  Until she realized she was in the bathtub and not in her warm pj's.

Overall... it was a success.  Much better than the first time we tried this.  She definitely cried at the end, but she stopped as soon as we finished her up and wrapped her in a warm towel.  This girl loves to be cuddled.  She loves to be sang to and talked to.  She has shown her personality in so many ways, even when she's feeding.  I hope to get her gag face on camera some day.  It's hilarious.

Are we almost done Daddy?  Please tell me we're almost done.

Oh hello Mommy.  I love being wrapped up.  Thank you.

Awwww.... relief.  And back asleep she went.