Packing for the hospital...

Well, we've hit one week until D-Day (Delivery!).  It was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and everyone's reaction (other than excitement) was "Oh... bless your heart, you're going to have to suffer through summer".

We've survived.  I've made it.  Whew.

I had told myself that as soon as August got here, I would start packing my bag for the hospital. I can't believe it is already August, and that I'm packed for the hospital.  And more importantly, that this baby could come at any moment!

Her car seat, all installed and ready to bring her home!
I had the best help when packing for the hospital (and for getting ready for Baby AB, in general) from my sweet friends (and a really great blog resource) who live all over the country!  I thought I'd share their tips with you, should you also be planning for a little one, or planning for your first trip to the hospital to deliver.  I found these three girls to be super helpful.

First, my friend Katie from high school, sent me her list via her blog.  She's so talented and an amazing photographer to boot.  I love following her pictures of her little princess.  Katie is such an incredible mother.

Katie just posted this of her and her little sweetie pie.  I hope our little girls get to meet one day!
Check out Katie's Baby Gear List here

And then the Styleberry blog was also helpful, as she broke down each section and what she needed for each different area of baby life.  So helpful when registering.

via Styleberry Blog

Definitely check out the Styleberry blog, as it's just awesome.  Here is a link to her Baby Gear List (which is amazing) and a link just to her regular blog.  (She also has a baby log that I'd like to order, which helps keep track of feedings and sleeping.  Looks like it would be a great little book to keep on hand!)

My sweet friend Shannon (from the New England Southerner) sent me her "Hospital Packing List" which was SO helpful.  I've checked it twice and it's printed off on top of my bag to check again before we throw everything into the car!  (If you need a copy of our hospital packing list, just message me!)  Be sure to check out Shannon's nursery along with her other work.  It's precious!  Shannon is such a talented designer. 

If you are also planning a trip to deliver a little one, let me know if you have any other good resources!  We can share via the comment section below.  One can never have too much advice when it comes to planning for a baby!  I'll take all the help I can get!

Have a great weekend!