The Superb Dishwasher...

This week has been a week of renovations.  I guess that's what happens when you save up gift cards from Christmas and birthdays, and there's a sale at Lowes.  And you have a baby coming.

This was our dishwasher.  The Kitchenaid Superba by Hobart. 

This week, we said goodbye to her.  While she may not be that beautiful, she sure was a fighter.

We looked up how old it was, and while it was younger than the oven we removed from 1947, we found it to be exactly 40 years old.  And would you believe it still worked great? After 40 years... it was still running strong.

I guess the upper rack was on the wrong tracks.  Didn't notice until this picture! 

I added it up and on average, doing 2 loads a week, it has cleaned 3,840 rounds of dishes.  I call that getting your money's worth.

So why did we get rid of something that worked?  Well, it's just time.  Our little kitchen needs to enter this century.  And our dishwasher, while it worked great, sounded like a train was coming through our kitchen.  Might not be good when there is a sleeping baby.

One thing is sure.  Stephen and I will no longer debate on whether or not the handle should be up in the locked position, or down.  I'm glad those days are over with our new flat front unit.

It was evident when the dishwasher man came to take it out, how well these units were made, compared to the units today.  It took him 2.5 hours just to take it out.  Once out, it was wrapped in a steel box.  This thing could have withstood an earthquake and tornado.

So, goodbye sweet dependable dishwasher.  You really lived up to your name.  You were Superb to us.


MaryMC said...

Now I want to see the new one!