Open-Faced Prosciutto and Plum Sandwiches

I know this recipe might sound a little "weird".  But trust me.  It's fabulous.

And no, I didn't come up with it all by myself.  I found it here.

Start with a loaf of ciabatta bread, and slice on the diagonal, so the slices are pretty.  Mine didn't end up pretty, but it was the thought that counts...

I then took the slices, with a little olive oil, and toasted them under the broiler.  (remember, we're sans oven right now, but toaster ovens work wonders!)

While you're waiting for the slices to get toasty, mix together the following:

1 TBSP lemon juice (I cheated and used the little plastic lemon rather than a real lemon.  Don't judge.  It's less messy for me.

1/4 cup of fig preserves (I had never bought this.  It's like the stuff inside fig newtons!)

and 1/4 tsp of fresh grated ginger (not in the picture)

Stir stir stir until it's a smooth consistency that you could drizzle. (I microwaved mine for just a few seconds, as the fig preserves are really thick and it seemed to help.  I might have also added a little more lemon juice to make it more juicy.)

Take your crustini's out of the oven once they are golden brown and let them cool for just a moment.

Then spread a layer of goat cheese on each slice. (don't worry, I bought pasteurized, so I think I'm good to eat it)

Then layer sliced plums on top of the goat cheese.  (I know!  Crazy isn't it?)

Then, take some arugula (which I normally don't care for, but this totally works with this dish) and layer it on top of the plums, followed by a slice or two of prosciutto.

Tip:  Rather than buying the packaged prosciutto, go to your deli counter and ask if they have some they can slice for you.  You'll get more and you can have them slice it really thin, which is what you want.  I found Boar's head prosciutto and it was great.

Once you've done this, drizzle away with your fig/lemon/ginger mixture.

I'm telling you, while this is a strange concoction, it's really good.  I imagine you could make mini ones for a party that are bite size, or like Stephen and I did one night, we each had 3 big slices and called that our dinner.  It does require a knife and fork if you have a bigger size, only because of the prosciutto.

Hope you enjoy! 


Coffeetalk said...

that looks soooo good!