I haven't been very prompt on my blogging lately.  I think when I get home and put my feet up, the last thing I want to do is open a computer.  I literally zone out, write thank you cards or make to do lists which some how seem to disappear daily, hence why I'm re-writing them on a weekly basis.

We've had a lot going on lately.  Reno projects, a trip to Dallas, and my family visiting.  So here is a little catch up on life this month ;)

After we removed our 1940's oven, there was a cabinet still to be removed, so we can put in our free standing gas range.  While it might have looked simple, it was no simple job.  These cabinets were meant to withstand a tornado or atomic bomb.

But Super Stephen came in and took no prisoners.  His new tool helped ;)

Cabinet removed.  Check!

We then took a little trip to Dallas, which was a nice little baby moon.  We spent a ton of time shopping, but did find time to visit with some family and friends.

Puggy Wug at the Lindstroms.  He loves me.

My favorite little (although not so little any more!) friends.  I can't wait for Annie Beth to meet them and for Sophia to come and babysit. 

Stephen's first visit to In and Out burger after a LONG trip to Ikea.  It was our treat.

We were able to stay with Stephen's cousin and his family.  We love them so much.  And I love being around these girls!  Such a treat every time!

Sweet Princess Lily!

Little Miss Georgia... staring at someone silly....

He's good at the silly faces.

I had to document Stephen's order.  I believe this was a chili cheese hotdog.  I can't imagine the heartburn I would have after eating that.  I lived vicariously through him that day.

Next door to where we had dinner with his cousin, was the place we had our first date.  Sauce in downtown McKinney, TX.  We'll take Annie Beth there someday and I'll tell her all about our first date, and how much fun it was ;)  And how I knew then and there that he would be my husband (when you know, you know!)

 Downtown McKinney holds a very special place in my heart ;)

Next up was my parents visit!  It was so much fun to have them here.  We started the weekend off with a little visit to the Dr. and a trip to the sonogram room.  I have the camera, mind you.  Hence the blurriness.  Sorry.  I was so excited to see her little face.

Don't mind me.  I'll just document this.

There she is!  Sweet little chubby wubby faced girl.  I can't wait to kiss those cheeks.

I think he cheeks are big as she's squished in there with no room to swim.  Poor thing.

We worked hard on the kitchen while they were here (more on that to come) and celebrated with a nice dinner at Giuseppe's.  Where we saw Gerard Butler and the rest of his film crew eating, as he's filming his next movie here in Shreveport.  Apparently, his group likes to eat here. Who wouldn't?

PS- I loved my mom's top and cardi so much I went out and bought it at Target the next day. 

My belly looks almost fake I think.  I don't think I look big until I see pictures like this. 

My pretty parents.  (yes dad, I think you're pretty too... but mom wins)

So that's the latest wrap up.  I have one more fun post to do, which is my last baby shower, which was so much fun.  I can't wait to share photos from it!  You'll be so shocked at some of the details Molly went to, for our sweet little AB.

I'm down to 44 days.  How is that possible?


Tanner and Lindsay Cooper said...

Sarah, you are just adorable. You make a very cute preggo:)