Goodbye dear sweet oven...

About a year ago, I blogged about our oven.  I introduced you to our gem from the 1940's... which had at the time, stopped baking on one side (it's a dual oven).  Well, I never thought we'd make it a whole year with half a working oven, but we did.

Big pat on the back Stephen.

Well, now that we are in full "Operation Annie Beth" mode, we are in full swing to get our house ready the baby and all that comes with babies.  (and the fact I'm just OVER not being able to make cupcakes, etc.)

I'm grateful for this oven, and that it did allow us to use her for so long.  70 years is a long time to be cooking. 

So, Sunday was "go time" and we decided to remove the oven so that we could get everyone in place to put in our new oven.  (plumber, electrician, painter, etc.)

Thankfully, Bob, Paula and Ryne came over to help remove this beast, as I don't think Stephen and I could have done it... well, I really couldn't have.  It was REALLY heavy.

It started in pieces.  (PSA:  I know we should have tried to sell this thing (Mom).  But let me tell you.  It wouldn't have come out except in pieces.  And the pieces were not in good condition.  Some rusted.  Don't judge me for the fact that it was literally thrown away.  I'm sorry.  It had to happen).

We did save a really cute part that says Tappan on it, for SOMEONE (dad) to make Annie Beth her own play oven one day.   ;)

Stove drawer removed.  Goodbye burners that coudln't control your heat. I won't miss you.

Goodbye doors that weighed a ton and had a hard time closing.  I won't miss you either.

Then started the cutting of wires.  There had to have been 100 wires.  An electrician would have not wanted to work on this oven.  Crazy!


Time was up for this oven.  Ha.

Then came the final shimmy out.  There was lots of shimmying.  (sorry for all the cell phone pics.  I was too excited to think straight to get my real camera)

You know, it's the little AND big things in life.  This kind of counts for both.  It may not seem like a huge feat to some, but it was to us.  And being able to have burners that work, and an oven that can bake a cake without burning on the bottom... little to some, big to us.

This was a mountain to remove, to make way for a great kitchen. 

Welcome to 2012, dear sweet kitchen.  We'll help you get accainted to this century.


Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

I can not get over all of those WIRES!!! Crazy. Ness.

Honeybee Mama said...

I loved the post about the history of the oven itself. Nostalgic, yes, but how wonderful it will be to have an oven from this century...and decade! And I'm thoroughly looking forward to posts about all the yummies you will make in your new one!