Birchbox for my man...

This post is for the gentleman.  Well, or ladies who need a fun gift for their men.  Have you heard of Birchbox?

I originally heard about Birchbox from my sister, who subscribes to the girls version.  Basically, it's a monthly box of goodies that they will send you based on products they think you would like to try.  You pay a monthly fee, ($10 for girls, $20 for boys) and you can cancel at any time.

Well, for fun, I signed Stephen up, to see what the boys box was all about.  I thought it would be something fun for him to get in the mail, with everything being about me and the baby right now.  Plus, he loves new products.  Who doesn't?

His Birchbox came this week for the month of July.  It was pretty fun!  He received 2 full size products (rather than samples) and a few new products to try.  Pretty fun!  They included a card with a description of each product and a price list, should you want to buy the full size of any item (all available on their website, at a discount with your monthly subscription)

Here are the products he got.  The two cable cord holders were pretty popular and he's excited about those.  He's already tried out the face cream, and started the teeth whitening sample.  All fun things!

If you're interested in signing up for a Birchbox membership, visit their website and sign up to get on their waiting list.  I had to wait a few weeks for the girls box, but the boys box was more readily available (as they are in beta testing).  I'm hoping the boys box goes down in price though!  $10 would be a whole lot better. 

But in the long run, my man is worth it, and this is a little something fun, just for him. 


Honeybee Mama said...

how interesting!! only $10 for girls? who can't afford $10. thanks for sharing, sis!

JayCee said...

This is such an awesome find! I have not heard of this especially not for men. I know a special fella in my life who can use a little box of surprise things for him for a change ;).