My man in linen and loafers...

I've been blessed in our house to have been given (yes, I didn't even have to fight for it!) the master bedroom closet.  While I love the size, there were some very odd shaped shelves that did nothing but collect junk and block about a foot of hanging clothes from me.

So he said "Why don't I remove these shelves for you? They should just pop out" (famous last words)

I caught him after he had removed 4 of the 6 shelves.  Classic Stephen... still in his nice clothes.  And no, they weren't just popping out.  It took quite a while to get these out as they were very well built.  I stood back and tried to monitor as best I could.  And cover my clothes from flying wood chips.

He's just so cute in his linen and loafers.  Only my husband would choose to do home demo in loafers. 

See how pointless these shelves are?  They didn't even fit a shoe box.

I have big plans for my new opened wall.

Go hubby!  Swing like a baseball bat!  (they make it look so much easier on the DIY network)

And we discovered an outlet.  Wahoo!  But what would I do with that?  I have yet to decide.  Stephen's idea was to put up a shelf to hold a lamp.  Ha ha.  Very funny.

Yay!  Good job!  No splinters and only a few small holes in the wall that were completely unavoidable.  I call that success.

What's next?  The Dyson.  Ohhhh the Dyson.  His favorite thing... second to me and his unborn child of course.  This man is serious about vacuuming.

I will post pictures of the wall when I'm finished with it.  It might be a while.  I move slow these days, but at least I have a semi blank canvas to work with. 

Thanks to my hubby in his linen and loafers. 


Lauren said...

I so wish I had an outlet in my closet for my steamer. I am not sure if you have one but it is a lifesaver when clothes get wrinkly but are not dirty.