June Hydrangeas...

While I may look very much like my mother, and posess many of the same qualities as her... one thing we do not share is the ability to make things grow.

My mother's garden is my favorite this time of the year.  This last trip to Tulsa, I focused on all the beautiful hydrangeas.  My all time favorite.  Does it get any better than those?

And to think... the bushes were ABUNDANT with these blooms.  So many to chose from.  So many to ohh and ahh over. 

We cut several to make arrangements for the baby shower, and for the house.  I just love fresh cut flowers and hope that someday we're able to grow a garden like her. 

This is a picture of her dill growing.  While the bloom is not edible (to my knowledge), I found it to be so beautiful.

Another great part of being at my parents house is that we get to eat out on the porch if it's cool.  My mom had set up quite the spread for us!

I loved the blue and white stripped tablecloth, which was just 2 yards of fabric!

Hugs from my Stephen.

And belly pic so that AB gets in the picture. 

So, that was our trip to Tulsa.  Fabulous baby shower, and fun times with the family.  Next time I'm there, I'll have a baby in my arms!  Can't wait!