Family Reunion... Toledo Bend Edition

I've talked about this before... but Stephen's side of the family has a huge family reunion every year in June, at Toledo Bend, way down in Texas.  This was the 65th anniversary of hosting this reunion, and while it was hot, it didn't diminish the celebrating.

When you bring together 200 people all with one connection, it's a really neat thing.  I didn't participate in all the activities this year, as I was camped out on Granny's recliner, but I did manage to attend the annual auction, which benefits the reunion costs for the upcoming year.

Annual t-shirts, sponsored by the host family (a branch off of the original 8 children who started the reunion) I love all the play on words when your last name is Fling.

Sitting around during the auction... it can get pretty funny with all the bidding.

Auction items range from funny to sweet homemade quilts and jelly.  Everyone fights over the Mayhaw jelly.

Stephen loves to bid, but we didn't win anything this year. 

Paula bid and got Annie Beth this darling hooded towel.  I can't wait to wrap little AB up in this!

I can't forget to show the kids fishing tournament.  Little Sam won this year.

After the auction, was the annual Fish Fry, which is when I moved inside to the recliner.  Our family then threw Jentry and me a birthday party (which has become a tradition!).  They are so sweet to do that.

The next day, there is the annual meeting (where they read the minutes from the year before, announce births, marriages, and graduations, and vote new members into the family.  I was voted in to the family last year.  Honored to be part of the Fling family...)

After the family business, a member of the host family preaches, and we sing a few hymns.  This year, they had some of the little children come up and sing Jesus loves me.  So precious.

I just love all the babies!

It's great to be around family members, especially those you only see once a year.

There's always something new to learn from the older generation.  Even if it is how to defend your LSU Tigers...

So, until next year, we will wait for the 66th Fling Family Reunion.  Next year, the attendance will be increased by one.  Sweet Annie Beth will join the fold, and what a fine family she joins.


Candace said...

Love it! That pic of you blowing out your candles is my fave but they're all great. What a GREAT tradition.