Daddies and Donuts...

At church yesterday, we had a Donuts with Dad day and I was asked to take pictures of kiddos with their dads.  Have I mentioned how much we love our church?  It was moments like this that just get me even more excited for little AB to get here.  I can't wait for her to have moments like this with her daddy. 

This dad has his hands full.  One donut was just not enough for one of them, as you can see.

Sweet boys in plaid ;)  Minus their littlest one, who was too busy running from my camera.

Eric with his two handsome boys. 

How cute is she with her sweet dad?  I think she deserves a donut..

The newest daddy of the group... with their precious little girl.

It was sometimes hard to get them to stop chewing and take a picture.  But we managed ;)

There were some that quickly moved from donuts to play with their friends.  I love these two ;)

Yes, this beautiful family is one big one!  The littlest one melts my heart every time I see him.  So precious and the best baby! 

Such a precious family below.  About to add a little girl to the mix, making them a family of 5! I think this is just fabulous, since she can be friends with baby AB.

This daddy with his girls minus their littlest one, who was already in the baby nursery.  I love their bows.

It was a sweet Sunday honoring sweet daddies!