Baby Baker to Tulsa...

This weekend, I had my first baby shower for baby Baker.  She is one lucky girl as it was the most precious and darling shower I've ever attended!  Pics will be coming soon as I haven't had time to go through them (I'm itching to see them!) but until then, I thought I would oblige all those asking for a belly pic.

While I'm reluctant, as I'm just not good at taking pictures in my current state, someone reminded me that Annie Beth needs to see what I looked like with her in my belly. 

Ok OK Ok.  Fine.

Stephen and I stopped in one of my favorite antique malls in Jenks, OK (River City Trading Post... love it!) and I found a pregnant mannequin.  Have you ever?  So hilarious, I decided I could take a pic with her.

The trip was so fun and I love love being with my sweet family and friends.  I do miss them dearly, but it makes coming together such a joy when we're all in one place.

The drive wasn't bad either.  Now that it stays light out so long, we didn't have to drive much in the dark.  I enjoy the view, mainly of farmland, which puts me in a trance.  All those perfect rows.

I did have on hand my favorite drink of choice... a homemade fruit smoothie.  Annie Beth might come out a little fruity.  Like her momma.

As we got close to Shreveport last night, I was so happy to be home.  It's always hard leaving my parents, but now that Stephen and I have made Shreveport our home, I enjoy standing in the nursery, unloading all her fun presents, opening up boxes, holding and hugging each one of her new stuffed animals.  I can't wait to bring her to her home, to introduce her to all her little friends at church, and to do every day things, and to share all the fun things we have planned for her. 

About 90 days to go, if all goes according to schedule.  We have so much to do, but it's all fun things.  I can't wait to have her room ready for her, and to have the house ready to have friends and family visit. 

This is such a fun time and I can't wait to see what the next 90 days holds for us as we await Annie Beth's arrival!


Missy Rose said...

You are looking beautiful as always, mama!

Valerie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the shower since I'm sure it was nothing short of adorable. I saw you and Stephen sitting with your parents in the late service at church. My piano bench gives me the best spot for people-watching... ;)

Mrs. Baker said...

nice baby baker bump :)