Baby Baker Nursery...

I think I've already posted about ideas for the nursery.  Well, I'm sure whatever I originally posted has changed, as I've had a case of the indecisiveness during pregnancy.

Well, I'm 69 days away from my due date and to say someone has lit a fire under me, is an understatement.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that I need to get this little room done, and done fast!  She could be here sooner than 69 days!  And that is not long AT ALL!

So, I finally put everything down that I wanted and created an inspiration board.  I'm anxious to compare the final outcome to what I've put on this board.  Won't that be fun?  It will be for me at least.

I love this print, which I bought for one of the white frames I'm doing above the crib.  Isn't it sweet?  An artist named Katie Daisy has the best prints (I've posted some of her stuff before) but you should definitely check out her shop on Etsy.

Katie Daisy

I will say that most of what is on this board is actually purchsed! My crib, the rug, the mirror, the fabric, the dresser, an owl lamp (not that exact one on the board, but I found one at Target for $40!)

I kind of like the cheaper one anyway!  Thoughts?  ( I'm going to recover the shade... maybe in the same fabric as my bumper!)

So, this weekend I hope to have Stephen paint the walls (I changed my mind half way through painting the first round).  I also want to hang the mirror and any other artwork we have.  I can't wait for my parents to visit in a few days, as my mom is going to help me make the bedding.  I've got to learn how to be domestic with my sewing machine.  I would be able to make so many fun things!

So that is my inspiration.  I'm really excited about the fabric we found, as I think the yellow and white zig zag fabric will be so darling as curtains. 

And guess what?  All the fabric was on sale.  Curtain fabric: $10/yd.  Bumper floral fabric:  $5/yd and bedskirt:  $6/yd.  I call that a deal.  (All from Hancocks)

I love deals.  I can't wait to teach baby AB about a bargain.  It's such a fun game.  Hopefully she will find it as thrilling as I do!


Anonymous said...

If I were staying a little longer we could take a sewing class together. I took one several years ago and enjoyed it but I could use a refresher. Love the ball fringe on the ideas page.