30 years...

I feel like I've come a long way in 30 years...

30 years seems like a really long time, and just think all that one person goes through in 30 years.  And to think what I'll experience in the next 30 years... makes me get chills in a way.  Is that weird?
Me, circa 1986, I'm guessing.
Since this picture, I've seen a lot.  Not nearly as much as some have seen, or experienced.  But what I have done has been just right for me.  Every step, every journey, has brought me to the exact place where I am today, and that's a really neat thing to look back on.

On a date with my Stephen...

A few years ago, one of my bible studies had us list out each one of our major life milestones, showing how the Lord uses each to bring us not only closer to Him, but ultimately, to where he wants us to be, so that He can use us to be messengers for Him.  I challenge you to do that as well.  It's amazing to see where He's taken you, and how He's used you, even when you didn't realize it.

I've thought about that lately, and how today is a milestone, even though it's a normal day, with very little out of the ordinary involved.  I've made it to 30. 

I know many people, women mostly, hate this milestone, as they feel they are getting older and their "roaring 20's" are over.  I'm kind of the opposite.

I'm glad to see this day.  I hear the 30's are the best years of your life.  My 20's were great.  I made great friends, lived on my own, bought my first house, moved three times, traveled, sang in a wonderful choir, completed 5 years of BSF, baked hundreds of cupcakes, attended MANY weddings, dated for the first time, married the boy I've always dreamed of, joined an amazing church, picked up photography, started a blog, helped lead a Sunday school, and got pregnant.  I'd say that's a pretty good run for 10 years.  My path looks different than others, but that's ok. 

My 30's look promising so far.  I'll have a daughter... and a marriage that grows deeper daily.  We get to watch our little girl grow, and hopefully have more children in this next decade.  My 30's will become more about those around me and how we can be used to serve, rather than about me, and that makes me happy.  It feels less selfish in a way, and I really enjoy that.

So how will the Lord use me in this next decade of my life?  I haven't figured that out yet.  I pray He uses me in many ways, and helps teach me how to fully rely on Him.  I still have a ton to learn and to experience. 

So cheers to 30!  I welcome this next decade, and I'm excited to see what comes!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the
30's Club! Thankful to have met you during my 32nd year!

siddathornton said...

happy birthday! this is such an inspiring post :) i am actually looking forward to my 30s - glad i'm not the only one!

- lauren

Candace said...

Happy birthday sweet Sarah!!!!

That B&W of you and Stephen is legit, btw. Awesome.