Mother's Day...

It's really strange to hear the name "mother" when someone describes me.

I've grown to understand being defined as a daughter, a granddaughter, wife (which was weird enough, but I am good with that now) but mother?  That word, up until this point, has been reserved for the woman who brought me into this world.  The woman who I am an exact clone of.  See below.

But now that I have little Annie Beth with me all the time (just baking away)... I now fall into a new category that is taking me a while to get used to.  (I do love it though...)

I love the idea of little Annie Beth calling my mommy for the first time.  What a special moment that will be... Oh I could relish on that thought all day long.

On another note, but still related to "mommies"... our church dedicated 5 sweet little babies on Sunday... all future friends of Annie Beth.  I'm just going to go ahead and call it.

Each family comes up on stage, and then a church representative comes and holds the child being dedicated as their life verse is read and their family is announced.  They walk each baby around the church so everyone can get an up close and personal view of these precious little ones.

After church, we went home and made lunch for Stephen's mom... and it was such a fun lunch together.

Bob (as he was out of town on this day) asked that we surprise her with a Kindle Fire.  She was shocked ;)  Such a perfect gift for her... he knows her well!

And like good little boys, they set her up and helped her get used to her new toy.

I made a homemade ice cream for dessert... blackberry with chocolate chunks.  Yummy and so pretty.  I love the purple color!

The Baker's gave me some sweet gifts for little Annie Beth and the most beautiful flowers.  I'm one lucky girl...

And Annie Beth has one happy mommy.  I'm so thankful to be her mother and to be caring for her every day.  Even if it's hard to sleep, or I'm hungry all the time, or I can't fit into any of my clothes... she makes it all worth it.

My love for her is unexplainable and I can't imagine how much that love when grow when I set my eyes upon her face for the first time.  That, to me, will be the best Mother's day.


megb said...

1) you are a clone of your pretty mama!
2) cuuuuute pictures of the dedication!
3) i want some of that ice cream!

all comments worthy of !'s

Coffeetalk said...

love this post! the minute you're pregnant, you're a mama. Taking care of a child in womb definately deserves a mother's day present for all mommies to be. congrats to you both!

Candace said...

ooooo.... there is so much awesomeness going on in this post. So much.

Honeybee Mama said...

you all are so blessed to have such a precious family. what a special day! you are a wonderful mommy and i love that your first mothers day was special!

#2 i NEED the ice cream recipe. for serious.